On the Record: Crush on candy doesn't end with Halloween

Carol Quaintance
Carol Quaintance

Do you have a Candy Crush or a candy addiction?

I remember as a kid, going from house to house in our local community on Halloween night. We lived for trick or treat, dressed up in crazy costumes with soap stuffed in our socks. Who could get the most and the best treats?

At night’s end it was off with the masks. We emptied our sacks and made piles: candy bars, candy apples, candy sweet and sour balls. We reveled in it, along with the money and the snacks.

Now a Candy Crush isn’t just restricted to Halloween. It is a national treat for thousands, pulling in $650,000 a day, according to Shepherd Smith of Fox News.


Smith recently reported that only 30 percent of the population pays to play. The other 70 percent play for free. But all invest their time and energy in this candy craze sweeping the nation.

So are you among the growing Candy Crush fans or a full-blown addict? Science says if an activity has a negative effect on your family, friends, job, finances or mood, you may need to evaluate the behavior.

The lure of the game is to line up three candies of the same color and make the board flow as new colors replace them from different directions. Four of a kind gives you special stripe candy and special moves, and five of a kind, the jackpot colored candy ball that, when mixed with a wrapped candy of any color, makes the game go wild.

The sounds and movements of the colors and shapes along with a voice that says “delicious,” “sweet” and “tasty” as the hits make their mark: what’s not to like?

Are you making excuses to continue the game? Oh, I can’t answer that phone now; I’m ready to make this big move. “I’ll be there in a minute, just finishing up this email, Honey.”

The hours race by, you look at the clock. “Oh no, it can’t be 4 o’clock! I was supposed to go to the store!” Come on, fess up.

A psychologist Smith interviewed admitted that the game is like chess, it enhances your spatial thinking. Hmm, brain exercises? That’s excellent.

It is available on Facebook – in fact, it’s the number one game in the Apple store. It goes with you on your tablet, your cell phone and the kids’ ipods. Candy Crush is everywhere. So beware. It may be in the cubicle beside you or even right under your nose.

Want to share? My favorite is the big colored balls. I like the wow factor. The pow! Pow! Pow!

I’m listening on and off the record: What’s your story?

Carol Quaintance is a correspondent for the Tri County Record. You can contact her with your Candy Crush addiction story at quaintancecarol@gmail.com.