Franklin Elementary students get surprise ‘drop in'

The members of our military give of themselves everyday so that we may be safe and enjoy the comforts of living in this country.

Franklin Elementary School kindergarten student Jesiah Vazquez got the surprise of his life when he looked in the back of his classroom to see an Army Ranger in full dress uniform.

It took him several seconds to recognize the person and then with a shout of joy he said, “Hey, that’s my dad!” His father, Army Specialist Juan Vazquez has been away from home serving our country. He recently finished three overseas tours – two in Afghanistan and one in Iraq – and only had a few days home at Pottstown before he was off to receive additional training at Army Ranger School.

His son said, “I’m happy to have my dad home. I have missed him and I love him.”

Franklin Principal Kevin Downes, along with kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Pickar, helped to orchestrate the “Drop In” visit. Downes said, “We are proud of all of the men and women in our military who sacrifice so much so that we may enjoy the safeties of our home and the pleasures of our life.”


Specialist Vazquez shared in the happiness of the moment with his son and classmates and talked with them about being in the military. He said, “I really don’t like being away from home and my family but I know that I, along with the other members of our military, have an important job which we must do.”