Municipal Report: Pennsylvania Granite provides plans for Warwick

Representatives from Pennsylvania Granite have been working with Warwick Township officials to advance plans to construct a new saw shop.

The quarry is located at 410 Trythall Road. The original building where granite is cut was destroyed in a fire about a year ago. The new building will be located near the southeast corner of the quarry. Pennsylvania Granite provides wholesale granite to the entire southeastern Pennsylvania region.

Representatives from Pennsylvania Granite Kevin Spaulding, Project Manager Randall Wallett and Assistant Project Manager David Allen, P.E., have gotten directives from Kraft Engineering on what they must be concerned with. They have also been in contact with the Planning Commission.

Waivers from curbing, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, loading areas and landscaping were requested and granted. Stormwater management is governed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The mining permit governs emissions into the atmosphere.


The mining concerns have been reviewed by the D.E.P. Concerns involving a holding tank are under the jurisdiction of the Chester County Health Department. An agreement of maintenance will be approved.

Spaulding said they are working with Warwick Woods Campground to solve issues of joint concern. A five foot berm will be completed around the circumference of the quarry before use and occupancy is granted. The mining permit covers many of the concerns.

Conditional approval to the current plans was requested and granted. Chairman Charles Jacob said the representatives from Pennsylvania Granite are informed and knowledgeable of what they have to do.

The Chester County Historical Association will sponsor a program on recent historical successes on Dec. 5. The location is uncertain at this time. Jacobs will attend.

Warwick Township will be applying for a grant provided by the Chester County Visions Partnership Program to update the Comprehensive Plan. The plan is to be updated every 10 years.

The speed limit on Warwick Road is 35 mph. Local residents have been concerned about speeding by thru traffic, said Jacob.

Member municipalities in the federation of Northern Chester County Municipalities met on Oct. 8. The topic of discussion was the by-laws of the committee.

In the Spring of 2014, there will be restoration and stabilization work done on the walls surrounding the Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery along old Ridge Road.

Two permits were issued in October and there was a certificate of occupancy.

The Elverson Emergency services had nine calls from Warwick Township in October. The Pennsylvania State Police had 28 calls from Warwick residents in October and the Twin Valley Fire Department responded to a fire alarm, an accident, and a tree on the road, and provided assistance at other scenes.

On Nov. 19, the Owen J. Roberts Education Association will provide an opportunity for residents to make suggestions to improve services provided by the school district. The public meeting will be held at the middle school L.G.I. room. The foundation meets periodically to hear resident’s feedback.