Boone stages an ogre

News photo by Lindsey MacGregor The cast of Shrek, the Musical from left to right Ryan Young, Jake Bergey, Ian Kurtz, Pat Flynn and Jordan Koury.
News photo by Lindsey MacGregor Left to right are Daniel Boone students Rachel Lau, Sarah Thompson, and Brynn Jacobs dressed in costume as the Three Blind Mice.

Shrek, the Musical was performed at Daniel Boone High school this past weekend. This show was full of dance numbers, incredible vocals, and lots of comedy. It appealed to audiences of all ages, with its colorful characters, and intricate story plot.

The story line was based off of DreamWorks’ movie, Shrek, but as the adapted Broadway version.

Children sat on the edge of their seats with excitement as the characters from their favorite fairytales and movie came to life. The show overflowed with humor and had the audience laughing out loud.

The students auditioned in June for this production. Then began rehearsing over summer vacation, and have not stopped. They rehearsed after school and on weekends. Directing the production are Mrs. Debbie Sanders and Mr. Ryan Hoffman; both work in the Daniel Boone Area school district.

“It has been a lot of work, and a lot of fun,” Rachel Lau, cast member, said. “We [were] so excited to finally... perform it!”

The costumes and sets were colorful and eye catching to make the audience feel they were transported to this fairytale world. A live orchestra of Boone students accompanied the production. Shrek was played by Ryan Young co-starring with Jenn Smith as the beautiful princess Fiona. Jake Bergey played the comedic side kick Donkey. Lord Farquaad, a scheming lord who plans to become king, was played by senior Ian Kurtz. Two of the main fairytale characters were Pinocchio the puppet played by senior Patrick Flynn, and Gingy the gingerbread man played by Jordan Koury.

The cast was excited to perform this production over the weekend. Boone’s cast brought the audience on an adventure of a life time to learn that being different is a good thing.

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