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Fleetwood Area Public library: Library Director retires after 22 years

By Linda Getz, Fleetwood Library

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lois Bailey, director of Fleetwood Area Public library, will retire in March. Reflecting on her career, which spanned 22 years, Lois noted the many changes that took place during that time period.

When Lois joined the FAPL staff in 1992, much of the record keeping was done by hand. Lois recalls using book cards on which the staff would write the patron’s number and then counting cards and sorting them at the end of each day. The addition of the automated circulation program was a huge time saver. The library also went from having no computers to having 8 public computers, one children’s computer, and Internet connection.

During Lois’s very capable leadership, the library’s adult large print materials and audio and DVD collections increased in size. She is especially proud of having expanded the library into three separate rooms, one each to house children’s, young adult, and adult materials.

One of her fondest memories is of working in the midst of the expansion into what is now the adult room. The library was open, as usual, while the workers proceeded with the renovations. “I remember pulling electrical wires behind the circulation desk between waiting on patrons,” she reminisced.

During her retirement, Lois will still be doing the bookkeeping for her husband’s home improvement business. She also hopes to do more reading and sewing. Most of all, she looks forward to spending more time with her daughter and family in the Poconos.

At the same time, Lois said she will miss the library staff as well as the library’s patrons. “I’ve worked with a very good staff, and many of our patrons have become my friends,” she added.

The FAPL Board of Trustees and Staff are grateful to Lois for helping to make Fleetwood’s library the wonderful community resource it is today. They invite past and present patrons to join them in wishing her a very happy and fulfilling retirement.