'Noises Off' play slated for Oct. 28-30

St. Pius X High School will be presenting Michael Frayn's "Noises Off," on Friday, Oct. 28, Saturday, Oct. 29, both at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, Oct. 30 at 2 p.m.

This comical play is a witty, fast-paced, and extremely funny stage production that will be performed by members of the St. Pius drama club.

In the play, Lloyd Dallas (Andrew Grasso) is the director of a theatre company.

He is desperately trying to get his production together, despite the best efforts of the cast: Dotty Otley (Sarah Weidemoyer), a fading theatrical star, Garry Lejeune (Max Good), a tongue-tied actor, Brooke Ashton (Amber Schmuker), blindly stumbling along, Frederick Fellowes (Kevin Paschall), a nervous wreck who demands to know the motivation behind every scene, Belinda Blair (Kathleen Esbensen), overly helpful and seen-it-all, and Selsdon Mowbray (Jonathan Green), the inebriated character actor.


In the play, the stage crew, led by Poppy Norton-Taylor (Emily Latham) and Tim Allgood (Matthew Rowe), also get into the act.

The audience follows the production from final rehearsals, through opening night, and onto their tour.

As with any group of actors forced to work closely together for any great length of time, romances and arguments are bound to break out in the plot.

Quite often, what's happening on stage is nothing compared to what's happening backstage※..which only goes to prove the theatre really does go on, even though the show falls apart.

The entire cast includes: Ryland Beck, Tara Benfield, Kaitlyn Chrobocinski, Erin Hayes, Christina Kuklinski, David MacMurtrie, Jen Morrison, Shauna Mulligan, Mackenzie Pierson (Rehearsal Stage Manager), Matthew Pirrall, Dani Poletti, Kaitlyn Reilly (Student Director), Heather Shainline, Melissa Shainline, Kyle Shirley, Ryan Weatherbee, Joy Wilhelm, and Lauren Zaun.

Get ready to laugh at the side-splitting comedy of "Noises Off" being performed by Stage Players eXtraordinaire at St. Pius X High School.

This crazy comedy about the theater is said to keep you laughing for hours.

The storyline is full of surprises. It has been described as, "uplifting and delightful."

This all age show is ideal for the whole family.