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Colebrookdale, Oley unofficial primary election results

By Rebecca Blanchard, The Boyertown Area Times

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The unofficial primary election results show the following for Oley School Board and Colebrookdale Township.
For Oley Valley School Board:
Joanne L. Ewing has 421 Democratic votes and 355 Republican votes.
Dawn E. Zackon has 367 Democratic and 357 Republican votes.
Mary Lou Parry has 343 Democratic votes and 282 Republican votes.
Christopher Hannum has 311 Democratic votes and 343 Republican votes.
Ralph Richard has 306 Democratic votes and 333 Republican votes.
John Bieber has 300 Democratic votes and 384 Republican votes.
Michelle Obst has 231 Democratic votes and 264 Republican votes.
David Firek has 125 Democratic votes and 204 Republican votes.
There were three republican write in votes and two democratic write ins.
The results for Oley Township were the following:
For Oley Auditor, 6Y, Jill L. Howard has 173 Republican votes. There were three write in votes for Democratic party.
For Supervisor, James R. Coker has 182 Republican votes; there were eight Democratic write in votes.
For Tax Collector, Janet R. Shirey has 151 Democratic votes; there was one Rupiblican write in vote.
For Colebrookdale the results were the following:
For Commissioner, Daniel G. F. Ritter received 87 Democratic votes and Linwood L. Bartman received 82 DEMOCRATIC votes.
For Colebrookdale Tax Collector, Joan L. Herb has 101 Democratic votes.
These are the unofficial May 21 primary election results according to the Berks County website at