Boyertown Historical Society to host Charles Adams lecture and book signing

Internationally renowned author, lecturer, radio and TV personality Charles J. Adams III will be signing his latest book, Haunted Boyertown, at a special appearance to benefit the Boyertown Area Historical Society.

The event, to be held Oct. 15 at 7:00 p.m. at St. John’s Fellowship Hall, 45 North Reading Avenue in Boyertown, will also include a chance to meet and hear the author speak on the topic of “Ghosts and Supernatural Phenomenon.”

Adams, who was born and still resides in Reading, is the author of more than a dozen books on the supernatural and has spoken nationwide on the subject of ghosts. He has been featured on the History Channel’s “Haunted America: New York” and “Haunted America: Philadelphia” programs, and has been a featured speaker at the International Ghost Hunters Alliance and GhostWorld Convention, most recently held in Gettysburg, PA. Adams has spoken at regional paranormal conferences in New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, and has been interviewed on ghostly topics in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and on several American radio and television stations.

Adams has also organized and escorted tours of haunted places in the United States, England, and Scotland.


He has produced, written, and conducted “ghost tours” in Lancaster County, Reading, Hamburg, and Philadelphia; Cape May, N.J., Greenwich Village, and New York City. His stories have been selected for inclusion in anthologies including “Classic American Ghost Stories” (August House Publishing). At the personal request of the producer M. Night Shyamalan, his book, “Bucks County Ghost Stories” was used as a prop in the 2002 movie, “Signs,” which stars Mel Gibson.

Haunted Boyertown features stories of 22 Boyertown-area sites reputed to be occupied by the supernatural. You can read about the housekeeper who committed suicide by hanging and who returns to greet visitors in her former bedroom. Read about the ghost who throws chairs. Meet the specter who lets his presence be known through a photocopy machine.

In addition to the book signing, the Historical Society will feature a ghost walk through Boyertown, highlighting local sites alleged to be haunted by the supernatural. The walk will begin at 8:30 p.m., following the Adams’ lecture.

Haunted Boyertown can be purchased on Sept. 28 at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Festival in Obelisk and at the Belsnickel Craft Show on Friday, Nov. 29 and Sat., Nov. 30 at the Boyertown Area High School. Copies can also be purchased at the Historical Society, located at 43 South Chestnut Street, Boyertown or by visiting the Society’s website at

Tickets for the book signing and ghost walk are $27 for general admission and $20 for members. Tickets to the book signing only are $20 for general admission and $15 for members. All proceeds benefit The Boyertown Area Historical Society.

For additional information, visit or call the Historical Society at (610) 367-5255.