Wi-Fi Hotspots offered to library patrons in Kutztown

Kutztown Community Library offers Wi-Fi Hotspots for use by library patrons.
Kutztown Community Library offers Wi-Fi Hotspots for use by library patrons. Submitted photo

The Kutztown Community Library is now offering Wi-Fi Hotspots to library patrons in Berks County.

Have you ever been using your GPS on a road trip and receive that dreadful message that you ran out of data? Is your Wi-Fi at home terribly slow when everyone is on a device at once? The Kutztown Community Library is here to help!

Berks County Library cardholders, in good standing, can borrow a portable Wi-Fi hotspot monthly, with a fee of $40. Patrons can keep the hotspot for as long as they need, making sure to pay the monthly fee. These Wi-Fi hotspots fall under T-Mobile coverage and work in any area covered by T-Mobile.

This device is perfect for anyone looking for internet access without the price of a plan. The portable Wi-Fi hotspots can hold up to fifteen devices at a time such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


The new hotspots will help the community gain access to the internet but also bring revenue in to provide better services at the library. The Libraries in Berks County are non-profit and rely on programs such as this to bring in revenue to the library.

Melissa Keller, a tester for the Wi-Fi hotspots, says, “I can definitely see us renting it out for car trips this summer as a mental saver for traffic delays and mental sanity.”

The Keller Family were able to test out the Wi-Fi hotspots to work any quirks of the product. “The kids loved being able to take it in the car for long drives and have access as well as when the power was out.”

This program started within Berks County with the Bernville Library back in April. The Kutztown Community Library will be the second Library in Berks County to establish this program.

A grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education allowed the Library to start up the Wi-Fi hotspots program. This grant allows for the Kutztown Community Library an external way to allow its patrons access to the internet.

Patrons can use the Wi-Fi hotspots to access online services through the Kutztown Community Library. Such services include Hoopla, One Drive, and others. Hoopla and One Drive are online services where people can download movies, audiobooks, and much more. Through a patrons library card they are able to access these services and much more.

The Kutztown Community Library is located at 70 Bieber Alley, Kutztown. For more information, call 610-683-5820.