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J-Walkers volunteer team of Boyertown host Benefit for Bryce March 3

Dinner, live band event raises funds for teen battling cancer

By Submitted by J-Walkers

Friday, February 23, 2018

When the J-Walkers volunteer team of the Boyertown area becomes focused and mission-oriented, some miraculous things develop.

The latest J-Walkers’ “focus-happening” is the March 3 “Benefit for Bryce” event. (More details regarding “Benefit for Bryce” later.)

The J-Walkers volunteer organization, located in the Boyertown region, traces its beginnings to late-2007, when discussions began regarding the formation of a “Relay for Life of Boyertown” event.

From that humble genesis, the J-Walkers contingent has grown into a “family” of friends and relatives who simply care about community and others in need.

Since 2008, the J-Walkers have raised more than $220,000 via Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society.

Their “Cooking Up A Cure” credo has translated into thousands of breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, funnel cakes, waffles/ice cream … etc … you get the idea!

There have been plenty of other fund-raising elements, as well, including an annual “Big Ticket” raffle, bake sales, yard sales and various corporate donations.

Most years, the team membership count is approximately 40 persons … and many more folks are on an “as needed/standby” status – responding when the call goes out for extra volunteers!

AND this year, although the J-Walkers continue their affiliation with ACS/Relay for Life, they have decided to branch out a bit, providing a helping hand to individuals and families separate from the “Relay” connection.

The “Benefit for Bryce” fundraiser event on Saturday, March 3, is a perfect example. ALL net proceeds from the buffet dinner, dance, live band extravaganza at the Goodwill Fire Company in Bally are earmarked for the Werner family of the nearby Emmaus area. The event will run from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Bryce Werner is a 14-year-old high school freshman who attends Emmaus High School. He’s also taking Auto Mechanics training at his local vocational/technical school. Since early 2016, Bryce has been dealing with a rare form of “GIST” cancer which has affected various organs including his liver. He is currently being treated via an NIH cancer research project, because the cancer is not responding to conventional chemotherapy methods.

Bryce lives with his parents, Chris and Tiffany Werner, and brother Cameron, 12, and sister Arianna, 15, in Lower Macungie Township. Both Chris and Arianna have been diagnosed with “markers” for a similar cancer.

The Werner family has been confronted with a mountain of financial bills, both medical-related and otherwise. The “Benefit for Bryce” goal is to raise monies to assist with just a small portion of their burdens.

“Benefit for Bryce” tickets are still for sale. Ticket includes admission, beer and soda (age restrictions apply regarding alcohol consumption), a buffet dinner (roast turkey/roast beef with all the trimmings), and entertainment by a live band (with dancing optional).

The event will also feature basket and gift card raffles, as well as a “surprise” super raffle opportunity which entails a major prize!

Contributions are also encouraged. Checks should be made payable to “J-Walkers.”

Contact numbers for more information are 484-706-3262 or 610-367-7434 or email

Other J-Walkers questions or comments can be directed to either 484-706-3262 or 484-645-3425.