Mayor, Police Chief announce new Snow Emergency Policy

While the winter may be coming to a close, Mayor George Holmes of Hamburg still has his mind on snow. Mayor Holmes has reviewed the snow emergency policy with the new Chief of Police, Anthony Kuklinski, in order to respond to citizen complaints.

Some residents expressed concern that the practice of ticketing and/or towing vehicles that remain on the snow emergency routes during snow emergencies was inconsistent in the past.

Effective immediately, when a snow emergency is declared, police officers will first announce a snow emergency over PA speaker, then progress to ticketing and finally towing to remove vehicles from snow emergency routes. Residents can expect their cars to be ticketed on snow emergency routes regardless of the snow conditions once a snow emergency has been declared.

“The new policy may seem harsher, but it is designed to eliminate the uncertainty of moving your vehicle,” Chief Kuklinski said. “If a snow emergency is declared, move your vehicle from the snow emergency routes. Simple as that.”


Mayor Holmes added that parking restrictions at Etchberger Memorial Park will be lifted during the duration of the snow emergency, giving residents additional parking spaces. He also stated that a second announcement will be made in the fall to remind residents of the policy change.