Colorful China in Hamburg: Art, music and dance on display at Hamburg Area High School

Item photo by Shea Singley
Colorful China
Item photo by Shea Singley Colorful China
Item photo by Shea Singley
Colorful China
Item photo by Shea Singley Colorful China

Hamburg Area School District hosted two workshops from Colorful China on Nov. 16 in the high school auditorium.

The workshops featured music, calligraphy, dance and costumes of China's ethnic groups in an interactive show. Prior to the start of the workshop, the auditorium was filled with music from China.

As the lights dimmed the first performance was a solo dance that told the story of how the ancient Chinese created Chinese script, calligraphy.

The dancer began with her back toward the audience and did not turn until halfway through the performance. During the performance an artist took the side of the stage and painted calligraphy onto a large piece of paper showing the script and the announcer translated the message to the audience.


The next performance was a solo dance with another demonstration of calligraphy. This time the dancer performed a short dance and then held the board for the painter to write on. After that was another solo dance followed by an artist creating a piece of work on the stage. He was later joined by a dancer.

The last performance involved interaction with the audience. Four students took the stage in white t-shirts with four artists. The students turned their backs to the audience and the artists painted the four flowers that the ancient Chinese believed embodied noble spirit.

According to the release, Colorful China represents the ethnic people of China through their calligraphy, dances, singing, instruments, costumes and rich fabric of ethnic costumes. The performers are renowned in their artistic areas.

Along with the workshops was a calligraphy exhibit “World Peace” that included calligraphy from numerous ethnic groups of China.

Videos from the workshops can be seen on The Hamburg Area Item's Tout page.

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