New musical celebrates Genesius' own history

A staged reading of "Genesius,"  a new musical about the founding of Reading's Genesius Theater will be presented Jan. 10 and Jan. 12.
A staged reading of "Genesius," a new musical about the founding of Reading's Genesius Theater will be presented Jan. 10 and Jan. 12.

LJ Fecho, Entourage Entertainment, in association with Genesius Theatre and Sweet Street Desserts, presents a staged reading of “GENESIUS,” a new musical Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. and Jan. 12 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 and are available at

A celebration of those who perform for the sheer love of it, “GENESIUS” tells the story of one woman’s passion for love, for theatre, and for the opportunity to be onstage. This new musical touches on the universal themes of reaching out and giving back while pursuing one’s own dreams. In 1971, Jane Simmon Miller co-founded Genesius Theatre in Reading; she dreamed of a theatre group where young amateurs could participate, learn, and grow while putting on a show. “GENESIUS” is her story.

Featuring Cathy Miller as Jane Simmon Miller, David Popovsky as David, Michael O’Flaherty as Grant Cole and Anita Lewis as Fred. With a very talented 12 member cast of Genesius Kids!!! “Genesius” will also be supported by an eight-piece orchestra.

It is the true story of a remarkable woman, Jane Simmon Miller, whose significant talents, foresight and ballsy chutzpah — along with her indefatigable drive and vision — allowed her to establish Genesius Theatre in 1971, despite having no money and no building. She established a place where young folks could participate, learn and grow while putting on a show.


Set in the world of that peculiar institution, amateur community theatre, “GENESIUS” is an exhilarating backstage musical with everything — humor, heart … and a scandalous affair. It’s a celebration of the true spirit of community theatre (where most of us got our start), and the passion and creative energy of those who just want a chance to be onstage — for the sheer love of it. In addition, it explores the universal themes of reaching out, mentoring and giving back to those whose lives we touch daily — people who come in and out of your life, but stay … in your work and in your intentions. “GENESIUS” is also an increasingly rare commodity in the theatre world — a totally original musical — with hummable tunes. “Genesius” originally debuted at Genesius Theatre in 2008 with Cathy Miller playing Jane, then a staged reading at Goodspeed’s Festival of New Artists in East Haddam, Conn., then a full production at Civic Theatre of Allentown and an Equity-approved Showcase in New York, all of which were extremely well-received.

The people behind this unique show are: Book by L J Fecho, music and lyrics by Michael O’Flaherty, directed and produced by L J Fecho, with musical direction by Christopher Sperat and Kevin Cooper with musical assistance by Andrew Cusano and Ann Cusano and staged managed by Julia Elberfeld.

“Genesius – The Musical” (staged reading) has two public performances only on Jan 10 at 8 p.m. and Jan. 12at 2 p.m. at the theater, 10th and Walnu streets in Reading. To purchase tickets with all major credit cards visit the website at or call 610-373-9500. All tickets are $10 and credit card fees apply. Tickets are also available at the door. If you need more information, contact the theater at 610-371-8151. Genesius Theatre is handicap accessible and there is free parking aside of the theater (limited spaces available). This production is rated PG – (some minor adult language)