Mary Cantell's novel Her Glass Heart published by OakTara

When I first attended Eastern University, I’d always wondered if the rumors on campus were true: Six-year-old Susie Walton had jumped out of her bedroom window one summer day many years before. Did she really commit suicide? Why? Amid the swirling rumors of the Walton family’s tragic history, the story of Her Glass Heart begins...

As far as anyone knew, nothing of any consequence had ever occurred in the quiet town of St. David’s. That is, until someone died under mysterious circumstances. Many years later, when Jordanna Bronson attends college on a beautiful campus in suburban Philadelphia—the former estate home of her aunt and uncle, socialites John and Adelaide Colton—all is not what it seems to be. As rumors continue to swirl about the death of her cousin, six-year-old Susie Colton, Jordanna is determined to quell the gossip and prove everyone wrong. While digging deeply into her past, what she discovers not only unearths a long-held family secret but turns her own world upside down.

About the author: Mary Cantell graduated with a B.A. in English Writing, became a radio/TV broadcaster, and sidelined as a newspaper columnist. Her day job found her reporting Philadelphia’s traffic conditions as well as hard news, weather, and sports inside an 8x8 foot booth. It was not so glamorous—at least, not from her vantage point. When she was laid off after 16 years in the news biz (and lost her newspaper column as well, all in the same week), it was obviously a blessing from God now to have the time to write a novel. Her Glass Heart is the result. While resuming another newspaper role as a syndicated columnist of all things A&E related for the past five years, her freelance writing of every genre has found publication in various magazines and book anthologies. Along with her love for chocolate and playing chess, Mary enjoys mountain hiking with her husband and watching black-and-white film classics.