Schuylkill Valley Community Library participating in World Book Night

Schuylkill Valley Community Library is proud to one of 2,300 bookstores and libraries across America supporting World Book Night 2014.

On April 23, Shakespeares birthday, 25,000 volunteers from Kodiak to Key West will give away half a million free books in more than 6,000 town and cities across America.

Schuylkill Valley Community Library serves as a community base for local givers, receiving the books that they will be giving out and providing useful resources.

Its a pretty cool program - the organizers provide copies of books to hand out to people who are not avid readers, said Christie Himmelreich, Director of the Schuylkill Valley Community Library. We will be distributing books at Redners in Leesport on April 23 from 4 to 6 p.m. (ow when we run out). The title we have are Wild by Cheryl Strayed and After the Funeral by Agatha Christie.


World Book Night U.S. is an ambitious campaign to give thousands of free, specially-printed paperbacks to light or non-readers. Volunteer book givers help promote reading by going into our communities and handing out free copies to those without means or access to a printed book.

With the organizational support of local bookstores and libraries, theyll be sharing them in locations such as hospitals, mass transit, nuring homes, food pantries, underfunded schools and more. This is not a random giveaway, but a person-to-person, carefully planned outreach.

World Book Night takes place on Shakespeares birthday and is in its third year in the U.S. after the UK launch in 2011. World Book Night U.S.s reach included all 50 states, Puerto Rico, USVI and overseas military bases.

The WBN picks are by a wide array of award-winning and bestselling adult and YA authors, as well as classics, books in Spanish, and book in Large Print. The assortment of WBN titles is based on diversity in subject matter, age level, gender, ethnicity and geography. The books were chosen in a vote by librarians, booksellers and last years givers.

World Book Night is making a short, free original e-book available to everyone at their website on April 23.

More information, including FAQs and links to our social media - including giver experiences and photographs - at