Dancing Tree Creations Artisans Gallery and Studio Names Lily Weber in Budding Artist Program for Young Local Artists

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Submitted photo

Dancing Tree Creations Artisans Gallery and Studio will kick-off their Customer Appreciation Weekend by inviting the public to meet their next featured Budding Artist, Lily Weber, by joining them, along with many other local artists, for light refreshments on Thursday, May 8, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Budding Artist Program provides young, school age, artists, an opportunity to join over 200 local and national artisans in exhibiting and selling their crafts for a three-month period of time, free of charge.

Weber, a junior at Boyertown Area Senior High School, is the Gallery’s sixth Budding Artist and her work will be available from May through July.

Two constants have always seemed to exist in her life; change – new houses, new schools, new friends and new interest – and art. When she was younger her art consisted of coloring books and stick figures, but as she grew and experienced new things her interest in art grew as well. For a long time, though, art was simply another way to kill time. Without the benefit of classes or lessons she would just fill up pages, usually themed around whatever she was feeling or drawing inspiration from her family or other artists.

Once she began high school and received encouragement from her art teachers and peers that viewed her art seriously, she started to really think about her art and take it more seriously herself. She began to realize that art was more than just a hobby, it was a very necessary part of her life. Soon she was signing up for more classes, getting advice from other artists and joining clubs to really solidify her artistic foundation. She is willing to try any medium at least once and has tried numerous media, however, she has always loved drawing and has now fallen for painting as well.


She plans to go to college for graphic art rather than fine because she does enjoy graphic design and can more readily see that as a career. Fine art will always be a part of her life and she hopes to continue creating and selling new pieces, which generally consist of people, plant life, and animals. She tries to incorporate her views and beliefs into some pieces and draws from her Indian heritage in others. Sometimes she may even tell a story; her story or her family’s. Life is the inspiration for her art.

For more information on the Budding Artist Program or to sign up to receive e-invitations and e-newsletters, visit Dancing Tree Creations Artisans Gallery and Studio’s Facebook page or website, http://dancingtreecreations.com.

Dancing Tree Creations, LLC is an artisan’s gallery and studio, located at 338 South Ironstone Drive, Boyertown, Pa.