The State Theatre of Boyertown hosts benefit concert for Senior Center

Karl Hausman
Karl Hausman

On Friday, June 6, a benefit concert for The Center at Spring Street in Boyertown will be held at 7 p.m. at The State Theatre, 61 N. Reading Ave., Boyertown.

All ages are invited to enjoy an evening of delightful entertainment featuring the amazing pianist Karl Hausman and superb vocalists, Julie and Becky Kremm.

A versatile pianist who has entertained at Disney World, Hershey Park and Showboat Casino, Hausman was once billed as The Main Street Pianist at the Magic Kingdom. The nickname will be fitting at the June 6 show when Julie and Becky Kremm, accompanied by Teri Hoffman, will open the evenings entertainment with songs from Disneys movie Frozen as well as other musical favorites.

Proceeds benefit the Activity Fund for The Center at Spring Street, Boyertown, PA.


The Activity Fund finances quality educational events, entertainment, exercise programs, and the arts (choral, dance and art) to enhance the quality of life for adults age 55 and older in Boyertown and the surrounding areas.

Sponsored by the Linwood W. Ott Funeral Home, Inc. and an anonymous donor with heartfelt appreciation for the staff, volunteers and donors of Boyertown Area Multi-Service who work together to make the Greater Boyertown Area a better place to live, work, and raise a family.