Grammy award winning artist brings his band and latest funk to Boyertown

Southern Fried Funk will bring their music to The Other Farm Brewing Company, Boyertown 5 p.m. July 5.
Southern Fried Funk will bring their music to The Other Farm Brewing Company, Boyertown 5 p.m. July 5.

One touring soul/funk jam band knows how to tap into their own talents to get out the most in life through music. Eclectic guitar and keyboard stylings paired with fast drum beats represent the collection of sounds to produce one single musical vibe that is Southern Fried Funk.

Southern Fried Funk will make their Boyertown debut, performing 5 p.m. at the Backyard BBQ & Beer Garden at The Other Farm Brewing Company, Boyertown.

The band is made up of collaborating artists Grammy Award winning guitarist Larry Mitchell; Jason McMillan, vocals / guitar; Russ “Destiny” Garner, vocals / drums; Kenny Heard, Vocals / Keys and Austin Solomon, vocals / bass, who officially formed last year.

The chemistry of the band members compliment to bring Southern Fried Funk to jam to their own style. When Garner met the Grammy winning guitarist Larry Mitchell two to three years ago, Garner was blown away by the musicians’s talent.


“I met [Larry] through a clinic and saw him play,” drummer Russ Garner, 27, said. Having already known Heard and McMillan he jumped on the chance to jam out with a professional. As drums, bass and guitar, the trio got together to bring their music to life, talking about future endeavors and going on the road.

“It took off so fast. It went so well, we were doing recordings in the spring,” he said of the development of the band. Together the artists recorded the song Mama Mocha.

Southern Fried Funk communicates with the audience through their soulful beat and funky sounds. Southern Fried Funk spun together songs in the works with jam sessions and preparations from winter to spring, writing all of their own songs and music. Within the course of a week the band’s debut album entitled “Find the Love” was recorded to be released May 2014. The album was arranged and produced by Mitchell, putting those Grammy award winning skills to work. The bands aim to deliver rhythmic upbeat musical self expressions to listeners track after track.

Garner recognizes “music [as] the connector between mind, body and soul” and the members each bring their own musical interests and inspirations to the stage to produce their “throwback sound.”

Artists such as Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Dave Matthews Band and Lettuce serve as a muse for the band. “You only get one life to live,” Garner said. Garner is originally from New Jersey, now residing in Nashville to focus on his musical endeavors.

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