Bethel artist Gail Savage displays her work at the Berk Ag Center

Submitted photo Artist Gail Savage poses with a pheasant painted on turkey feather. Bluebirds and an American kestrel perch on two other feathers. Her work will be on display at the Berks Ag Center until Sept. 30.

Bethel artist Gail Savage combines feathers and paint to create some of the most breath-taking, realistic artwork of wildlife, birds, and other subjects of the nature. During the months of August and September, her work will be featured at the Berks County Agricultural Center.

Savage says she has been painting all her life, observing the intricacies of the small birds and animals that are her only close neighbors. Her home and studio are on twenty-four acres of undisturbed woodland in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

I am an artist who spends a lot of time in the woods. I poke around, I turn things over, I collect, but mostly I just observe. Painting birds and animals allows me to study the miracle that is nature. If a viewer feels a little bit of the awe I feel, then I have done my job, said Savage

Nature is a healing force; there is comfort in knowing that nesting season will come, babies will grow up, learn and continue the cycle. No matter what chaos is going on in the world of man, life goes on in the woods, busy, quiet, and mostly unnoticed, she continued. There is no hidden meaning in my art. I love my subjects and all I ask is that you see what I see.wonder at the miracle of nature.and be charmed by the gentle residents of Savage Woods.


Most of the original art for this agriculture-themed exhibit is painted on turkey and peafowl feathers and celebrates the birds and wild animals common to our farmlands.

All of Savages pieces are for sale, ranging in price. Gail is married to Martin Savage and is the mother to three daughters and nana to one special little boy.

Berks County Agricultural Coordinator, Sheila Miller, noted that this is the first time Savage has been on exhibit at the Ag Center. I am in awe of Gails artistry and ability to turn feathers into masterpieces featuring deer, wolves, birds of prey, and gardens. We are thrilled to have her work brighten our lobby area and delight visitors to our building. She is a talented artist that we are pleased to feature.

For more information on Savages exhibit that will run through the month of September, contact Sheila Miller at the Office of Agricultural Coordinator, 610-898-5482 or e-mail The Ag Center, 1238 County Welfare Road, Leesport, is open Monday through Friday. Visitors can view the exhibit free of charge between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.