Honey Brook's Village Square welcomes two new businesses

Photo courtesy of Impress 4 Less, LLC
Photo courtesy of Impress 4 Less, LLC
Photo courtesy of Impress 4 Less, LLC
Photo courtesy of Impress 4 Less, LLC

Honey Brook recently got two new businesses to fill vacancies at Village Square, and each brings a fresh personality to its market.

Bee Light Yoga and Impress 4 Less, LLC, a screen printing service, are now open for business in the shopping plaza on Route 322 just east of the borough.

Both of the owners are native to the surrounding area and happened upon the setting during a drive-by that caught their eyes. Stopping and peeking in the windows, they liked what they saw and each soon became a central part of Honey Brook’s thriving borough.

Corrine Warfel, proprietor of Bee Light Yoga, opened her studio at the end of August. She has been practicing yoga for close to 12 years.


Her journey took her on weekly trips to Downingtown to learn and study until she got her own teacher certification. Now she is happy to bring the yoga experience to the Honey Brook area.

Warfel said, “Yoga can help people change their lives in a positive way. There is no mystique about it. It has helped me physically and made me aware of a need to change my diet to a healthier lifestyle.”

Yoga can be a simple exercise program or can be expanded through meditation into a program of mindfulness using the natural connection of mind, body and spirit.

Recent studies at Brown University have been monitoring the natural state that is induced, which has a positive mental and physiological state that brings about deep relaxation to help with your stress levels and mental clarity. It is a stress buster.

Warfel, a daily practioner of the art, shared, “The practice of yoga and mindful meditation has deepened my spirituality and relationship with God, making me a kinder, more compassionate and peaceful person.”

Her occupation as a beekeeper not only helped lend its name to the business, but is also in keeping with her holistic spirit. Visit the website: www.beelightyoga.com or call 610-273-7369 for more information.

In Village Square, Impress 4 Less has opened its doors as a next-door neighbor to Bee Light Yoga. Paula Wills and her husband Richard had been operating the T-shirt business out of their home for three years. Their business has grown rapidly and Paula said it was time to make a move to a larger place where they could expand to meet customer needs.

Richard Wills is well known in the area as owner of Wills Property Maintenance, a tree service and grounds maintenance service.

Paula said about five years ago, they sat down and developed a plan to run a local business, as they could see retirement looming in the future. They decided to combine their talents and came up with the idea of a T-shirt business.

Richard’s hobby of artwork translated easily into design and creativity for the workmanship of their products, and Paula’s love of office work and her gift for helping people to develop their ideas and concepts into a concrete vision made a perfect match for the business.

They opened in August after three years of acquiring a large word-of-mouth business. They are excited to expand their services with new technology in a field that is ever growing.

Paula works with a graphic designer to bring her ideas to life. New machinery will have them making art for signs, decals, printed wording for banners and more, as well as heat transfer and whatever technology brings us next.

They say do what you love and make it your business. The money will follow.

Paula says her goal is to make people feel the personal touch. Too often in today’s world, many feel like a number, she said. With competitive prices and specialized customer service, Impress 4 Less is speaking loudly to their name.

They can be reached at 610-273-3388 or email: i4less@verizon.net. They can be found on the web at www.impress4lesspa.com.

The villagers are happy to welcome these two diverse and talented people-oriented businesses to Honey Brook.