Zimmers Pet Store celebrates 25 years

File photo by Rebecca Blanchard
File photo by Rebecca Blanchard

By Lydia Nesbitt

Zimmer’s Pet Store is celebrating their 25th Anniversary throughout the month of February, offering prizes that support other local businesses. The Zimmer’s family business has been passed down for several generations. It has transformed from a Feed Mill into a full-service pet store that has served the Boyertown community for over two decades.

Kevin Zimmers took on the family business in 1980 after purchasing a stand at Zern’s Farmers Market that his parents, Robert and Marie Zimmers, sold pet products at for many years.

“The first thing I added was hermit crabs and hamsters,” said Zimmers. “Then, as my store and my family started to grow, we needed more space.”

Zimmer’s Pet Store opened in 1989 and has since changed locations three times before settling into their current Boyertown location six years ago. Zimmers and his wife, Robin, run the store alongside their four children.


“With the larger location we’ve been able to offer a lot more types of pets, we we’re able to set up our puppy lounge, and we offer dog training as well,” said Zimmers.

Times are not always easy though for the Zimmers family, who are constantly competing with larger pet stores such as Petco and Pet Valu.

“It’s hard to compete with people’s thought processes that a family owned pet store can’t keep up with a larger pet store; and as a local business, it’s been hard,” said Zimmers.

The Zimmer’s family hopes that the month long celebration will not only bring in friends and members of the community, but also benefit other local businesses that are participating in the event. Zimmers’ son, Samuel, hints that prizewinners may find themselves at the State Theatre, Serenity Junction, Patsy’s Potpourri, or among other local favorites.

According to Zimmers, he has hope for the future of the store and its place within Boyertown.

“We are rooted in this community and as long as that community supports us, we’ll be here,” said Zimmers.