Weaver's Orchard & customers raise $3,709 for Typhoon victims in Philippines

Morgantown, PA- When Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in November, people in Berks County felt its devastation. Naneth A. Castner, who works in Weaverís Orchardís bakery and is from the Philippines, was one of them, with friends and family near the path of the strongest typhoon ever to hit land.

When Castner told co-workers how the tropical cyclone had destroyed friendsí and familyís homes and livelihoods and even claimed some of their loved ones, Ed Weaver, president of Weaverís, decided to act.

From Dec. 16 to 31, Weaverís Orchard in Morgantown donated five percent of retail sales to the Philippines relief effort through Samaritanís Purse, a Christian humanitarian organization. Customers also contributed to the fundraiser individually. With the combined percentage of sales and customersí individual donations, Weaverís raised $3,709 to help typhoon victims.

This sum is 74 percent of the fundraiserís $5,000 goal. Customers are invited to continue to contribute through the Weaverís Orchard/Samaritanís Purse fundraising page located on Weaverís website.


In Naneth Casterís home country, there is still work to be done. Her father lost all of his crops, her aunts and uncles lost their homes and many of her friendsí businesses were completely destroyed. Some of her friends and family werenít able to receive initial aid since they were located in the mountainous regions just beyond the ďground zeroĒ zone. For people hit by Haiyan, relief efforts such as the Weaverís Orchard fundraiser will help them begin the long process of rebuilding their homes and their lives.