Business News: French Creek Boutique celebrates anniversary

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French Creek Boutique celebrates its anniversary with the addition of new products.
Submitted photo French Creek Boutique celebrates its anniversary with the addition of new products.
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French Creek Boutique celebrates its anniversary with the addition of new products.
Submitted photo French Creek Boutique celebrates its anniversary with the addition of new products.

French Creek Boutique is celebrating their third anniversary this month. A great deal has happened over those last three years, lots of changes, room re-designs and growth in new product categories. All of these changes were made to adapt to an ever changing economy and demand of certain products at their store. This was all done in an effort to keep their loyal customers satisfied, happy and coming back to buy.

According to store co-owner Melynda Wagner, she says, “In this economy, three years in business is like being in business for 10. It truly comes down to the “art of business survival.”

“It requires being nimble and flexible to adapt, giving our customers a great shopping experience, beautiful products to choose from and excellent customer service. It has always been about the customer and truly listening to what they want from us,” said Wagner. “And then taking action--making the changes, and keeping the store fresh with new room design layouts, new products to choose from and a fun shopping experience.”

“We love our customers, they have become friends over these three years. And their loyalty is what matters most to us and our survival as a small business. If we listen to them then they remain loyal and spread the word about our little French Creek Boutique in the country. We celebrate these past three years with our customers because they are our business and our story- they have taught us about friendships, family and having a sense of pride in our community”


In celebration of their anniversary this month, they decided to bring in even more new handmade, locally made products for their customers to enjoy.

Wagner, goes on to say, “I really want our boutique to represent the local talents of our area. We have so many amazing Artisans in Chester County that need to be showcased. I want to be that small business owner that does everything I can to show that I really care about the community. The owner who has a vested interest and helps to promote, showcase and support other local small businesses to grow, thrive and succeed. I can do it, so I will.”

To celebrate their anniversary and to spread the word about their exciting new products that they are introducing at their shop this spring, they will be having a taste sampling of their new locally roasted, organic coffee and tea products by Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters, the week of April 12 through the end of April. They have also extensively increased their collection of new bath & body product lines.

Wagner reflects, “During the holiday season, we saw an increase in our sales of locally made items especially our soaps and lotions. They make great gifts. And are just wonderfully scented- most importantly work with my customer’s dry and sensitive skins. So we met with local artisans and chose new lines that we think our customers will just love and buy multiples of for themselves and their girlfriends!”

They are also going to be offering locally made food products such as olive oils, jams, spices and hot sauces. Wagner commented that this product line will be expanding over the spring and into the summer to get a full selection of fine products to choose from.

During the three week celebration, which kicks off on Saturday, April 12, French Creek Boutique will be having several in-store specials. They invite the community to come share in their Anniversary Celebration. They are open on Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

French Creek Boutique & Home is an upscale fashion consignment store, specializing in gently used clothing, purses, shoes and jewelry. Plus they have an array of home furnishings & decor including furniture, artwork, lamps, decorative pieces and specialty handmade candles and pillows to choose from.

The French Creek Boutique is located at 2636 Ridge Road (Rt. 23) in Elverson near Anthony’s Dodge. Visit their new boutique style website at They can be reached at 610-901-3990 via email at