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Pure Wild Tea in Bernville pays tribute to mother

Fuhrmann family brews mint teas, a PA Dutch tradition

By Lisa Mitchell, The Kutztown Area Patriot

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sherry Fuhrmann wanted to bottle a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition. For the past three years, Pure Wild Tea in Bernville has been brewing fresh mint teas, just like her mother.

“This was a tradition that my mother did. She would always make this drink,” said Sherry, owner. “It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch drink. Many people from this area know this drink as meadow tea or creek tea or field tea.”

Sherry decided that she wanted her children to know the traditions she had growing up and make it convenient for everyone else as well. This was something Sherry wanted to do with her mother, Ruth Dieter.

“She passed away before it came to fruition. So after she passed my brothers, cousins, sister, husband, everybody chipped in,” said Sherry. “There are over 40 friends and family that help volunteer to make it, process it, go to stands. Everyone helps do every part of it.”

“This is a tribute to her and to something we grew up with as a kid that she used to do for us,” said Sherry.

Sherry said Pure Wild Tea grows 10 acres of mint, which they process to make freshly brewed mint tea. They process, bottle and label at the Fuhrmann property, and deliver to 86 stores throughout the surrounding region as far as Allentown and into Lancaster and Schuylkill counties. Pure Wild Tea has been in business for about three years. The Fuhrmann family planted the mint fields about seven years ago.

What makes this tea unique is that there are only three simple ingredients: fresh mint leaves, sugar and water. Her husband fashioned the brewing system of 50 gallon batches.

“So it’s small home-made batches. Every bottle is touched by a hand, then it’s cooled and delivered to your store,” she said.

There is also a no sugar variety, just mint and water.

“No additives, no preservatives, no fertilizers... it is definitely pure of any kind of harmful ingredients and it grows wild out at our residence and it tastes just like the tea you grew up with.”

The different flavors of tea are based on the mint leaf itself. They grow lemon mint, chocolate mint and strawberry mint plants, just to name a few.

“All these different varieties just grow, and they’re all good for you. They all have very good medicinal benefits too... it helps with calming, with anxiety. Mint can stimulate you... there’s no caffeine but you get the same affect as an energy drink. It’s all very healthy and good for you.”

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