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Firefly Bookstore moving into Jackie & Daughter’s space

Firefly Bookstore expanding; Jackie & Daughter hosts retirement party

By Lisa Mitchell, The Kutztown Area Patriot

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Firefly Bookstore will join the ranks of recent expanding Kutztown businesses when they move into what is currently Jackie & Daughter Flower Shop.

Closing Dec. 31 after 35 years in business, Jackie and Shawn Brown hosted a retirement party and open house at Jackie & Daughter Flower Shop on Nov. 18.

Saying thank you to the community, Jackie said, “They’ve been wonderful to us. People have been coming in today just to say goodbye. Everybody has been so kind.”

“I was surprised. We had people waiting in line at the door when we were getting ready to open,” said Shawn. “I didn’t expect that at all.”

Everything in the flower shop was marked for sale and for a reduced price, including the furniture.

Both Jackie and Shawn are happy about retirement. Shawn said she has no idea what she will be doing this spring, which she finds exciting.

“It’s bitter sweet,” said Shawn about closing after 35 years in business. “There’s so many things that I’ll miss. Like today has been so wonderful. Everybody coming in and saying goodbye but again it’s leading me to this new chapter.”

Firefly Bookstore owners Rebecca Laincz and Matthew Williams are excited about expanding their bookstore and moving to Jackie & Daughter’s space.

“Jackie and Daughter has been such a notable presence downtown,” said Williams in a release. “We hope we can continue the standard of being a key local business that they have set.”

For Firefly, expanding into a larger space has been part of the plan since opening at 230 West Main Street in 2012.

“We always knew that sooner or later we would outgrow our current space, as wonderful as it has been,” said Laincz.

The Firefly owners intend to be open regular hours at their current location until the larger space is ready to be occupied.

“We have some changes and furnishings to set up and some great new features to put in place before we can move,” said Williams.

Williams and Laincz anticipate that they will be able to have the renovations and move completed by March 2017.

Kutztown Community Partnership President Joel Seidel, owner of Pop’s Malte Shoppe and Joel Seidel Photography, took advantage of the sales during the retirement party at Jackie & Daughter Flower Shop.

“We’re sad for the business but we’re happy for Shawn,” said Seidel. “She’s been wanting retirement for awhile.”

Seidel is also happy to see that Firefly Bookstore is moving into the space at 271 Main Street after the flower shop moves out. He is excited to see what Firefly owners Rebecca Laincz and Matthew Williams will do with the space which is bigger and better for the bookstore.

“We’re curious what’s going into (Firefly’s) space. Hopefully something retail,” he said.

In addition to the bookstore, Seidel said other Kutztown businesses are also growing.

“A lot of people are shifting and moving which is good for the business. We’re seeing a couple of vacancies where we’re waiting to see what’s coming in next,” he said.

Pretzel Revolution, Spuds and Ben Haas Financial Group all moved to bigger locations, as well as Seidel Photography studio, all on Main Street.

“Most of the businesses that we’re watching shift are going for bigger and better spaces which is great. That means that businesses are flourishing and doing well. It just means there’s some vacant spots and we’re anxious to see someone coming in and filling them up,” said Seidel.

Pretzel Revolution is now at 269 West Main Street, Kutztown. Spuds is now at 163 West Main Street, Kutztown. Ben Haas Financial Group is now at 172 West Main Street, Kutztown. Joel Seidel Photography Studio is at 251 W. Main Street, Kutztown.