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Welcome To My World: The treasures we keep help us remember good times

By Carole Christman Koch Columnist|

A Look Back in History: Freedom of religion granted to our Pennsylvania Dutch people

Our ancestors were working true-Grit individuals who turned the PA Dutch Country into an agrarian cradle of Liberty following in the ideas of Adam Smith, our founder of the “Free market private enterprise system.” ...

By Richard L.T. Orth Columnist|


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    The Historian: Oak Splint Baskets

    Sturdy and inexpensive, oak-splint baskets were used in almost every kitchen and barn on the old homesteads. Prized now by collectors, these plain, undecorated, utilitarian forms tended to fall by the wayside in the twentieth century when inexpensive imported baskets, commercially made bushel and “peach” baskets, and all sorts of other containers came on the market.

    By Robert L. Wood|

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    A Look Back In History: William Penn’s legacy of Christian love & the Pennsylvania Dutch

    Prior to 1727, a number of Rhineland immigrants who embarked at Philadelphia had the luxury of worldly possessions to enable them to become prosperous settlers. But after that year, those Rhinelanders that didn’t, were sold as redemptioners to pay off their passage to previous settlers. They became such a human labor force that collectively they rivaled black slaves entering the southern United States, and there were many sea captains eager to make a buck. These waves of Old World...

    By Richard L.T. Orth |

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    A look back in history: Jonas Day Family of Irish-Pa Dutchmen in Berks County

    Of all the ethnic peoples assimilated in Berks County’s PA Dutch Country, none have left their ethnic image on our architectural landscape, more obvious than a number of Irish frontier immigrants. While collecting folklore in the Oley Hills I have always admired quaint early circular stone smokehouses with conical shaped rustic old shingle roofs. Built on farms in the Oley Hills from the (1743) Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Sacrament at Bally, PA up through Landis Store...

    By Richard Shaner Columnist|

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    The Historian: Travails of the Early Protestant Ministers

    By 1750 there were at least 20,000 Lutheran immigrants and as many Reformed in Pennsylvania. There were, however, very few ordained ministers to serve them. In the 1740’s, the Reverends Michael Schlatter, Reformed, and Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, Lutheran, accepted the call from their church fathers in Europe to come to Pennsylvania as missionaries to try to organize the scattered congregations, such as they were. This was a difficult charge as William Penn’s “Holy...

    By Robert L. Wood|

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