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A Look Back in History: The Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker: Our Kutztown Folk Festival Craftsman

By Richard H. Shaner Columnist |


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    PERSON TO PERSON – IMPACT: Valentine’s Day should be every day!

    One of the many things that impressed me in my recent BOOK BEAT - IMPACT report on 41 – A Portrait of My Father, is how President George H. W. Bush made new friends, but at the same time was faithful in keeping in contact with his old friends. I find that hard to do even though “41” had many more friends than I.

    By Jeff Hall Columnist |

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    The Historian: Spring Houses - valuable additions to the farmstead

    A spring house was a valuable addition to the early farmstead. A good, year-round spring on a property often influenced the location of the dwelling house and barn. The spring house usually was built directly over the spring and served as a cover, protecting it from dirt, leaves, livestock and other foreign material, but it also served as food storage area and sometimes work area. Before wells were dug, the spring was also the household water source.

    By Robert Wood Columnist |

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    The Historian: Baking Practices among the Dutchmen, part 2

    Most Germanic houses built in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the 18th and 19th centuries had bake ovens; it was almost a requisite for Pennsylvnia Dutch dwellings.

    By Robert Wood Columnist |

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