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SEN. BOB MENSCH: Pennsylvania’s financial state is getting worse

By State Sen. Bob Mensch Guest Columnist|

THE HISTORIAN: Pigs and pig pens were everywhere

Pork in its many forms — fresh, salted, smoked and processed into sausages and scrapple — supplied the needs of the first New Hanover families. Any surplus could be bartered at the village store such as Brendlinger’s Store in Swam...

By Robert R. Wood|


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    Welcome to my world: Flowers do speak

    For lo the winter is past; The rain is over and gone;

    By Carole Christman Koch|

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    Welcome to my world: The origins of the Wedding Party may surprise you

    Marriage is one of the earliest institutions and is observed in almost all societies. The wedding customs of today are based on folklore, religion, symbolism, and superstition. Our traditional wedding party refers to the people involved in the ceremony and its history has been established since primitive days, such as “marriage by capture”.

    By Carole Christman Koch|

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    A LOOK BACK IN HISTORY: The Kutztown Folk Festival is right around the corner, literally

    Our Kutztown Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival has long portrayed regional folkways that were always called “Deitsch” (Dutch), not German. A vernacular transferred here by ethnic sub-cultures living in the 18th Century Rhine Valley, though their actual ethnic lineage was German, Swiss, or French, regardless of the Rhenish tongue they spoke; but collectively and accurately known as the Pennsylvania Dutch and proudly! Us, these, native PA Dutch are a very religious lot and...

    By Richard L.T. Orth|

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