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The Historian: Clover, Part II

By Robert Wood Columnist |


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    Ask Steve: How important is installing a carbon monoxide detector in a new home?

    As a service to you and our community, I want to answer your questions so you can make educated and more informed decisions when it comes to your energy, comfort needs and saving money.

    By Steve Moyer Columnist |

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    A Look Back in History: Salem Church windows depict purple stained Iris colored flowers, a French “Fleurdelis” folk symbol

    Last month a Community Christmas Cantata was held under the musical direction of choir director Kathy Snyder to a packed audience at Salem Church on historic Covered Bridge Road, on a Sunday afternoon, a unique presentation of Oley area churches, whereby old timers would not have to drive home in the dark. But the most unique experience was not the talented veteran choir singers but the historic 1736 church in which this concert was carefully staged.

    By Richard H. Shaner Columnist |

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    Focus on the Family: Daughter’s lies catching up with her at school

    Q: How can I get my teenage daughter to stop lying? I’ve caught her telling “tall tales,” and now she’s complaining that the kids at school don’t believe anything she says. What should I do?

    By Jim Daly Columnist |

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    The Historian: The Tag-Team Preachers from New Hanover

    Sometime around 1720, John Philip Boehm and a group following the German Reformed faith settled closely together in Swamp, New Hanover, and built a church. The congregation exists today, Falkner Swamp UCC, the earliest German Reformed church in America.

    By Robert Wood Columnist |

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    Felicia Fisher’s Slice of Life: Thinking outside the (brownie) box

    I cannot tell a (baking-related) lie. I use boxed, store-bought brownie mix. To me, the ultimate brownie not only has an over-the-top, amazing, “Oh my gosh I need a glass of milk right now to wash this down” chocolate flavor but is of the fudge and not the cake variety. Despite my various efforts, my made from scratch attempts were oily and bland. Come to think if it, I’ve even found many boxed mixes to be disappointments as well. They’re too bland, too dry, not...

    By Felicia Fisher Columnist |

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    Person to person - Impact: The Lady in Red

    For many years I was quite reserved and in most cases kept my thoughts to myself. Then I entered a period of “Internal Sweats”. Someone would do or say something that I knew was not correct (at least from my standpoint) and those Internal Sweats would build up until I just had to say something to the person. This story occurred in the early to mid-1990s.

    By Jeff Hall Columnist |

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    Ask Esther: Should I be concerned about a septic system inspection?

    I am planning to sell my home but have heard nightmare stories from coworkers concerning septic inspections. My home is about 40 years old but I have had no problems with my septic system. Should I be concerned about this?

    By Esther Prosser Columnist |

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    Reel Experiences with Robert Humanick: ‘Selma’ marches to greatness; ‘Still Alice’ takes the easy route

    “Still Alice” is likely three times the film it would be without its central performance – a tremendous turn by Julianne Moore, who adds texture and detail where the script often glosses over such. The film suffers from what might be described as Lifetime movie-ism: a tendency to simplify its subject matter, which is by definition very deep, and in turn resorting to easier emotional ploys. This kind of material is an emotional mine field, particularly for anyone who can...

    By Robert Humanick Columnist |

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    Focus on the Family: Grandparents want to help, not butt in, with new baby

    Question: How can grandparents help new parents without wearing out their welcome? I’m excited to play an active and positive role in my grandchild’s life, but I want to be careful to respect appropriate boundaries with my son and daughter-in-law.

    By Jim Daly Columnist |

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    What’s Cooking with Linda: Grab a soup mug of Shrimp, Potato & Corn Chowder, sit by the fire

    It’s time to put a movie on, light the fire place and grab a soup mug of this awesome Shrimp, Potato & Corn Chowder. Lenore Lasowecky, Fleetwood, shares this recipe for a hearty flavorful soup.

    By Linda Yuengel Columnist |

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