Friends of Exeter Community Library Welcome new members

The Friends of the Exeter Community Library are asking you to join our non-profit organization to show ytour support for our library in many different ways. We have a list of ways you can help us on our membership letter but we value you support just by becoming a member and paying your durs for this year. Your membership will help support the library with the summer readying programs for children and adults, fund passes for the Reading Museum, help with buying books and other materials the library needs, and help; with big projects that are not in the regular library biudget. We are here to poropte legislation to benefit our libarry, keep our commuynity informed about what is happening at the library and encourage the residents o use all of our facilities. We hope you will join us for 2014 and invite you friends to join with you. Pleae mail in your membership or bring it to the lirbrary. Thank you for your support - The Friends