Friendship Park hops with Easter fun at Egg Hunt

Photos by Carol Quaintance Bella Crise, Easter Bunny and AJ Crise at Caernarvon Township Easter Egg Hunt April 12 at Friendship Park.
Photos by Carol Quaintance Caernarvon Township Parks and Recreation Committee hosted its annual Easter Egg Hunt April 12 at Friendship Park.

Sunshine welcomed the Easter Bunny and Caernarvon Township, Berks, residents to an Egg Hunt this past Saturday morning at Friendship Park.

“We are all glad that it is spring time! The staff and Sharon Long’s Brownie Troop filled 1,700 plastic eggs with candy, toys, and prizes,” said John Conlow, chairman of the Caernarvon Township Parks and Recreation Committee, which sponsored the annual event.

Local sponsors Wal-Mart, Texas Roadhouse, Dollar Tree, Mill General Store, Ganster Karate, and Twin Valley Foot Ball helped to make this a free event for all township residents ages 1 to 11.

Activities included the Easter Egg Hunt, prize giveaways and a special appearance from the Easter Bunny. The fields were divided by age groups of 1-2; 3-4; 5-6; 7-8 and 9-11.


“It’s not a hunt, it’s a race!” said Josh Quaintance as he spied eggs of all colors popping up all over the fields.

Kids were lining up to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap to get a special egg with a free kid’s meal from Texas Roadhouse. Parents were excited to get the kids’ photo with the Easter Bunny.

They were eyeing the prizes on the tables, especially the big filled Easter Baskets and mapping out their strategy for the hunt.

“The kids are having a great time, it’s a great community event,” said helper Michelle Raymond.

Most of the staff have been involved with the egg hunt from its inception.

“Happy we have such a beautiful day this year, no wind, no rain, just sunshine and lots of kids,” said Faye Hoffman.

“Great to see the kids having Easter fun,” said staffer Maize Holland.

Conlow and Dan Jefferies separated the kids into age groups, then, “On your Mark, Ready! Set! Go!” and the kids were off in all directions with arms, legs and their egg baskets flying. Cheers were going up as the eggs were found; then a race back to the table to open their eggs and claim their prizes.

One lucky winner of the grand prize in her age group was twin Sophia Estaved cheered on by her twin sister Ella.

As quickly as it began it was over with smiling faces eating candy, laughing and counting and comparing their winnings.

As the staff quickly got into gear and cleaned up the fields and the tables, John Conlow commented that it’s over for now.

The Parks and Recreation Committee are now getting ready for summer day camp that runs for eight weeks at Friendship Park that is their next big annual project for the kids.

Conlow put out an open invitation to the public to join their group. They meet the 4th Monday evening of each month at the Township Building. All are welcome.

For more information go to Caernarvon Parks and Recreation on Face Book or the Caernarvon website.