A tea party for Tri County Record readers

Record photos by Lisa Mitchell Serving sweets to Carol Donahue and her children at the Tri County Record Spring Tea at Village Library in Morgantown on April 26.
Record photos by Lisa Mitchell Village Library Director Sue Shipe addresses attendees at the Tri County Record Spring Tea.

On Saturday, April 26, I began packing up for a trip to The Village Library in Morgantown. My honey asked me where I was going. To the Tri County Record Tea. “You mean, a tea party?” he asks.

“Yes, a tea party!” I love tea parties and so does my daughter Anna, almost 3.

“Can I come?” she asks.

“Sure you can.”

Wearing our spring colors, we arrived at the library ready for a tea party, and we found a tea party!


Tri County Record Correspondent Carol Quaintance took my idea for a coffee house hour and transformed it into an event. The Library sponsored the event and provided us with a location. CLARIFICATION!! Tri County Record obtained donations for refreshments and floral decorations, NOT the library.

Everything was lovely and the food was great. Thank you to everyone who made this event a success.

I was pleased to see how well people received the event, enjoyed meeting with Carol and myself, the new editor, and, of course, meeting Anna, my assistant photographer.

What I loved most, besides the idea of going to a tea party, was that this offered an opportunity to mingle with members of the community. I had a chance to meet people face to face who read the Tri County Record. We garnered story ideas and we answered questions.

The main message I hope people learned is that the Tri County Record is their community newspaper. This is your forum for expressing your opinions, sharing accomplishments and big moments and the everyday moments. Submit photos for the weekly Big Shot. Send us a submission telling us about your Scout troop’s latest activity or event. Submissions are always welcome and encouraged and are free of charge.

Submissions can be dropped off at The Village Library in the Community Room. If you wish for a photo to be returned, please include a self-addressed envelope.

We strive to interact with readers in person, in print and online. Connect with us at editor@tricountyrecord.com, www.facebook.com/TriCountyRecord and on Twitter.

Lisa Mitchell is editor of the Tri County Record. Contact her at editor@tricountyrecord.com or at 610-635-8962.

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