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Walnut Woods' Busy Bees donate to Boyertown Area Fire and Rescue

By Rebecca Blanchard, The Boyertown Area Times

Monday, November 18, 2013

A group of ladies at Walunt Woods are keeping busy by working hard. These ladies have once again decided to donate the monetary benefits of their hard work to the community.
On Wednesday, Nov. 13, the Busy Bees of Walnut Woods Retirement Community in Boyertown donated $1,000 to the Boyertown Area Fire and Rescue.
Boyertown Area Fire & Rescue Treasuer Don Hausknescht, Pesident Jeff Bealer, Assistant Chief of Facilities/Apparatus Matt Rothermel, and Chief Chuck Neubauer met with the Busy Bees Wednesday to receive the donation.
The Busy Bees include Walnut Woods' residents Betty Reifsnyder, Wilma Saunders, Sara Kelly, Erma Frye, Ruth Werstler, Mary Werstler, Barbara Kalinowski and Sissy Milboune. These ladies raise funds by selling handmade works such as potholders, blankets and pillows among other items which can be purchased by anyone in the community.