Silver Maple plays Santa to pets

Submitted Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic in Kutztown plays Santa to pets. Santa Sam and Annemarie Yoder, owners.
Submitted Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic in Kutztown plays Santa to pets. Santa Jaime Vanek, Practice Manager, and Missy Krell, Lead Veterinary Technician.

Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic in Kutztown plays “Santa”this holiday season.

“Christmas is always a magical time of year but we get so caught up in the business that we forget about the true meaning of Christmas,” said Missy Krell, Lead Veterinary Technician.

“The past couple of years have been difficult for a lot of people. Seeing people struggle is never easy,” said Jaime Vanek, Practice Manager.

While sitting around at meeting trying to decide what to do this year for their team Christmas celebration, Vanek said Krell brought up this great idea.


“And we all said PERFECT!” said Vanek.

For their Santa project, Silver Maple Vet Clinic owners and the team will take the money they would use for their annual holiday party, and give it back to the community. They are asking the community to nominate someone to receive veterinary care relief this holiday season.

“Our goal is, of course, to help pets get some care that they wouldn’t be able to receive without this gift. However, it’s all about ‘giving back,’” said Krell.

“Having compassion for our neighbors, friends, and community that may be struggling this holiday season, offering a little help to lighten their load. That’s what it’s about,” said Vanek.

Owner and Veterinarian Dr. Annemarie Yoder said, “We hope that by doing this, pets in need of veterinary care will be able to receive care and ultimately feel better. We try to be involved in the community as much as possible.”

Silver Maple provides low cost rabies clinics, a low cost microchip clinic this past year, fundraising all year long to raise money for their “Mooch Memorial Fund,” which also offers help to clients with pets in need of veterinary care, explained Yoder.

“We want the community to know who we are,” said Yoder. “We are not just an ordinary veterinary hospital. We all feel extremely fortunate to be in a profession that benefits people and their animal friends. Who would not like spending their work day surrounded by puppies, kittens, dogs and cats?”

How does this spread the holiday spirit?

“Hopefully, just reading this article will spread Christmas cheer. Sure, we are giving away veterinary care, we are grateful to be able to offer that. Not everyone has the financial means to give back, but giving back comes in all forms,” said Krell.

“Be kind to your neighbor, a smile and a Merry Christmas go along way,” said Jaime. “Again, Christmas is a magical time of year, it’s a time of year to step back and take the time to do something great!”

To submit your nomination, include: Your Name, name of the person nominating, short story about why you are nominating them, pet’s name and phone number they can be reached at. Letters accepted until Dec. 10. You will receive a phone call by Dec. 11 if your letter was chosen. Mail letters to: Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic, 14993 Kutztown Road, Kutztown, Pa 19530; or Email to:

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