Choose toys with care

Submitted by Vision Resource Center of Berks County

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that 250,000 toy related eye injuries were seen in emergency rooms in 2012. The Vision Resource Center of Berks County wants to remind you of precautions to take to avoid an ER trip that will spoil your holiday.

Choose toys that are appropriate for a child’s age, ability and maturity level. Consider whether or not supervision of the new toy use is required. Be aware of what you are putting into a child’s hands.

To stay “eye safe” over the holidays consider the following tips:


First, avoid toys with sharp, protruding or projectile parts.

Second, if there is a potential safety hazard, provide supervision and discuss potential hazards with the child.

And last, provide appropriate eye protective equipment when needed for sporting equipment. Always choose polycarbonate lenses.

Vision Resource Center of Berks County urges you to have a safe and trouble free holiday season.

For more information on eye safety, visit the National Eye Institute website at

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