Daniel Boone boys bowling team has high expectations

After finishing fifth in Division 1 of the Berks League with a record of 12-24, the Daniel Boone High School boys’ bowling team hopes to improve on that mark. With some experienced bowlers back for another season, the Blazers are capable of that and more.

They have four starters back from the 2012-13 team, including a pair of seniors, one junior and one sophomore.

It’s been tough going for the Blazers in recent years. The last time Boone had a winning record was the 2010-11 season. Starting last season, the Blazer boys were moved to Division 1 where they compete against Governor Mifflin and Exeter. That only makes their task harder.

Head coach Scott Moulin talked about attitude, and how the team can turn things around and starting winning again.


“The key is the ability to rise above a subpar performance,” said Moulin. “If we’re able to maintain a positive attitude and bounce back from below average performances, we should have a very successful season.”

The team will be led by Alex Blood, who is back for his fourth and final year on the team. He has had the ability to improve his game every year, making him one of the top bowlers in the league. He’s coming off a season in which he averaged 211, including a three-game series in which he bowled a 766.

“He’s a dedicated young man that leads his team by example,” said Moulin.

Also back this season is junior Austin Kerper, who has limitless potential. He won the Eastern State Regional competition his freshman year and averaged a 209 last year for the Blazers.

“Austin is potentially the most talented bowler on the team,” said Moulin. “His confidence and skill have never been higher. Austin and Alex should be in competition for high average in Berks County.”

Ray Miller is the other senior on the team. Last year was his first year on the team and only started in the sport three months before the start of last season. He He averaged a 159 last year, and has the potential to easily improve on that.

“Ray has shown impressive talent,” said Moulin. “He has very high expectations for himself and helps lead the team through responsibility and sportsmanship.”

Ethan Resh is a very skilled sophomore who started for the Blazers last year as a freshman. He averaged a 193 and has the attitude and work ethic to improve on that this year.

“Ethan has a fiery attitude that helps keep the team lively,” said Moulin. “If he continues to harness that energy towards positive results, he will help keep his team fired up and successful.”

It’s always tough to predict how well a team will do when young bowlers are involved. If Kerper and Resh live up to their potential, this could be a very good year for the Blazers. They can certainly compete with the bigger schools in the division, now it’s just a matter of going out there and doing it.