Snow covers area, causes delays and cancellations

Photo by Rachel Wanamaker
Photo by Rachel Wanamaker
Photo by Rachel Wanamaker
Photo by Rachel Wanamaker

The first day of winter is not until Dec. 21, but the area has already dealt with snow storms on Dec. 10 and 15.

Both storms resulted between three to six inches of accumulation each according to reports from the National Weather Service with Saturday’s later turning into a mix of sleet and freezing rain making for poor road conditions and cancelled events.

While the children may have enjoyed delays and a day off with the snow, as shown in some of the reader submitted photos, it was much less fun for adults who responded that they dreaded the snow on the Item’s Facebook page.

PennDOT temporarily reduced the speed on Interstate 78 and other major roadways on both Dec. 10 and 15 to 45 mph and urged drivers to use caution while driving by keeping plenty of space between vehicles and allowing plenty of time for drivers to reach their destinations. Even with the reduced speed and caution, some drivers had no choice but to go out into the storm and there were multiple crashes on both days due to the conditions.


Many Saturday events were cancelled or postponed. Businesses remained closed or had shorter hours due to the accumulating snow. Churches in the area that still had normal worship times cautioned members to attend if they could do so safely and to not put themselves at risk. Local colleges kept graduation plans, but again cautioned students and families to make the trip only if they were comfortable doing so.

With winter officially beginning on Saturday, remember to be prepared for the weather. PennDOT suggests for drivers to slow down, increase following distance and avoid distractions when they encounter snow or ice cover roads. The organization also recommends drivers to carry an emergency kit in their vehicle with items the following items: non-perishable food, water, first aid supplies, warm clothes, a blanket, cell phone charger and a small snow shovel as well as additional items that may be needed such as baby supplies, pet supplies and extra medication.

As winter sets in, the children enjoy the delays and days off that mean sledding, building snowmen, an extra day to work on an assignment and enjoying staying home while adults dread what the snow and other weather may bring.

If you have any photos of snow or area roadways, please send them to or to the Item office.