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Crumpled art teaches Fleetwood Daisy Troop about consideration, caring toward others

By Linda Yuengel, Girl Scout Service Unit Manager

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fleetwood Girl Scout Daisy Troop 1793 celebrated their Investiture/Rededication ceremony with patches, badges, pins and CAKE!
The girls learned about being considerate and caring. They talked about what it means to be considerate and caring towards others, their family, their friends and neighbors. They also talked about how hurtful it is when friends or people say hurtful, unkind things to them, or put their hands on someone in a negative way, such as pushing, jumping line, and shoving.
The girls did an experiment - they colored a page with beautiful colors and showed everyone their work of art. Then their leader, Kristin Santangelo of Blandon asked them to pretend that their pretty coloring page was them. She had them crumple up their page; Crumple crumple, crumple! Most of them gasped at her with their mouths open in disbelief. She then said to them to imagine that the crumpled paper was still them. The girls were taught that this is what happens to them every time someone says something hurtful or does something hurtful to them. They then tried to flatten their page out again and discovered that it was still wrinkly. When they were asked if the paper looks the same as it did before they crumpled it, they gave a big “NO”!
Their lesson was that hurtful words and actions change them and they leave “wrinkles in you” and they are never the same again so it’s very important to use kind words and actions, and always be considerate and caring to people.