Local romance author publishes sequel to ‘In Too Deep'

Local romance novelist Michelle Brownlow recently published "On Solid Ground," a sequel to her first work, "In Too Deep." Photo courtesy of Michelle Brownlow
Local romance novelist Michelle Brownlow recently published "On Solid Ground," a sequel to her first work, "In Too Deep." Photo courtesy of Michelle Brownlow

In June of 2013, local author Michelle Kemper Brownlow met her public at a festive book signing held on Rt. 23 in Elverson at Aroma’s Bakery and Coffee Shop. This was to be but a first step into the world of romance novel publishing.

On Dec. 3, Brownlow published her second novel, “On Solid Ground,” the sequel to her first effort, “In Too Deep.” Brownlow explains, “It’s the story of Gracie, a college student who survives an emotionally abusive relationship that wrecked her.”

The first book details how her boyfriend, Noah, systematically chips away at her self-esteem through intimidation, humiliation and infidelity, leaving Gracie unable to trust her own perception of his intentions.

But after falling head-over-heels for Jake, her best friend and the man who stood by her through it all, she is ready to experience life in the way it was meant to be lived.

However, Gracie may find it impossible to simultaneously heal from the trauma of abuse while navigating a relationship with Jake. Can she put her heart on hold in order to heal her soul?

This all unfolds in the newly released sequel.

In “On Solid Ground,” Brownlow chronicles Gracie’s steps toward healing as she falls deeper in love, reaches out for help, stands on her own, steps out of her comfort zone, faces her biggest fears and reconnects with a sensual, talented soul from her past, all in hopes of finding herself.

The books are available on amazon.com in print and recorded books.

This sequel to her Amazon five-star debut novel is also featured on the website Goodreads, receiving many positive comments. Readers have said of Brownlow’s character Gracie, “You want her to be ok, you want her to thrive. I loved her character,” and “Gracie Jordan is a character that will stick with me for years to come.”

Other commenters say Brownlow “delivers an emotional and empowering sequel to In Too Deep that will take you on the journey of letting go, holding on, and moving forward,” and “Michelle Kemper Brownlow is an author that managed to evoke a lot of emotions from me while reading.”

Brownlow said, “I’ve been looking for an outlet for my creativity for years. I’ve tried a lot of different things. I’ve taught, done freelance writing and design projects, illustrated children’s pre-reader books, and the list goes on. But, even though these things were rewarding in their own way, I’ve never felt as fulfilled by a career choice as I do now, as an author.”

Her upcoming events include a book signing at the Indies Invade Philly at the Philadelphia Convention Center on June 7.

Next she will also be in Knoxville, TN at The Grande Event Center for the Tennessee Valley Author Event on July 12, which is fitting because the University of Tennessee-Knoxville is where the series takes place.

Brownlow plans to reach out to the public through speaking engagements about dating abuse through Sigma Kappa Chapters and college campuses.