‘Pirates of the Cat-ibbean' take over Leesport Farmers Market

Winston, a Sable Burmese, has fund posing for pictures during some downtime at the show. His owners Billie Stiffler and Bob Musser were on an episode of Animal Planet's "Too Cute."

Finicky Felines were back in Leesport for the “Pirates of the Cat-ibbean” cat show on Dec. 28 and 29.

The carriers were set in rows on tables with all the comforts of home and necessary tools for the cats to be ready to show off when it came time to judging. There were both allbreed and specialty rings where the cats were judged on a tropically decorated table keeping with the pirates theme of the weekend.

Cats were scored for The Cat Fanciers’ Association National and Regional points. The show included championship, premiership and kitten entries.

Walking through the rows, the cats were in their element with many patiently waiting to be groomed and prepared for judging and others playing with their favorite toys or taking in a quick cat nap. Each carrier was decorated differently from the one next to it and matched the personality of the cat and owner. The room was full of cats being carried to and from judging and sometimes from judging to judging.

Many owners were prepared with business cards and were more than happy to talk about their cat and the breed. One of the families was even featured on Animal Planets “Too Cute” which follows animals as they grow from days old to months old.

Judges for the weekend were Rachel Anger, Kathy Calhoun, Anne Mathis, Melanie Morgan, Tracy Petty, Sharon Roy, John Colilla, Donna Jean Thompson, Russell Webb, Teresa Sweeney and Sharon Powell.

For one weekend, Leesport Farmers Market was all about the cats and the cats definitely did not mind the attention.

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