Toddlers sing & read with new Kutztown Youth Librarian

Patriot photo by Lisa Mitchell Kutztown Community Library's new Youth Librarian Alison Trautmann during Toddler Storytime Jan. 9.
Patriot photo by Lisa Mitchell Kutztown Community Library's new Youth Librarian Alison Trautmann during Toddler Storytime Jan. 9.

Toddlers laughed, clapped, sang, shook shakers and waved colorful scarves with new Youth Librarian Alison Trautmann at Kutztown Community Library Jan. 9.

Moms, Grandparents and their little ones, ranging in age from infants to toddlers, gathered around Trautmann for the Thursday Toddler Time.

“She is very good with the children,” said Kutztown grandmother Tammy Bond. “She does a lot of nice things and the children seem to enjoy her a lot.”

The Toddler Time storytime included songs with movement, scarves and shakers and Trautmann read them several books, concluding with blowing bubbles for the children to catch.


“They both love it,” said Bond, who has been bringing her granddaughters Addison and Jordan to the library’s storytimes for almost five years. “Both of my granddaughters have learned lots of things at the library through storytime and they have also learned to love the library and books. And they love reading books.”

Trautmann started Jan. 2 as the new Youth Librarian, she shadowed former Youth Librarian Lisa Nuss for two weeks before she left.

“I think she has created an amazing set of programs that I hope to continue and strengthen,” said Trautmann.

Her primary objective is to serve the children and young adults of the community. She is working to create a Teen Advisory Board, as well as continuing the current storytimes and preparing for the summer reading program.

“My goals are to create a thriving community here with children who really love to read, any age, any type of book, it doesn’t matter what they read as long as they do read,” said Trautmann, who graduated from Marywood University with a B.A. in English and minors in Film, Writing, and Women’s Studies in May 2012. She completed her honors thesis on the representation of women in films geared towards women and girls entitled “’Men Just Don’t Get this Movie’: Female Identity in Films” as part of completing that degree.

“This is a topic I continue to be very passionate about.”

She is looking into screening a documentary called “Miss Representation” which is about women in the media.

She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in August of 2013 with a Masters in Library and Information Science.

“I’ve volunteered at libraries and taken internships at libraries,” she said. “I love the communities they create as well as the vast amounts of information they hold, because I feel that if anyone needs to know anything they can come to a library.”

When the position opened, Trautmann fell in love with the Kutztown Community Library. “It just seemed so cozy and welcoming,” she said.

She also likes that Kutztown is close to home in Macungie, where she grew up.

“I think there’s a lot of great people,” she said about Kutztown.

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