Weis store in Gilbertsville closes Wednesday following flood

Friendship Fire Company responded to a call at the Weis Market, 1050 E. Philadelphia Ave. in Gilbertsville, after water began gushing from the ceiling in the front of the building. The store was closed as water puddled in the grocery store Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014. (Photo by John Strickler/The Mercury)

The Weis Market in the Gilbertsville Shopping Center at 1050 East Philadelphia Avenue was forced to close Wednesday around 2:34 p.m. after a large amount of water started pouring into the store.

According to police, water from a burst pipe in the sprinkler system flooded the entrance way of the store and flowed into the store.

Crews from the Gilbertsville and Boyertown Fire Departments responded to the store and were able to turn off the sprinkler system, which stopped the flow of water, police said.

A large hole in the ceiling could be seen through the glass front doors. The below freezing temperatures caused the water on the ground to turn to ice, making the sidewalk in front of the store slick.


Police said the cold weather was a most likely a factor for the burst pipe, but a definitive cause of the problem has not been determined.


GILBERTSVILLE The Weis grocery store in the Gilbertsville Shopping Center off East Philadelphia Avenue had to close Wednesday afternoon after water began gushing down into the store from the ceiling.

Details on what caused the flood were not immediately known.

Firefighters were on scene assisting the store as water flowed out the doors toward the parking lot.

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