Fleetwood Scouts give ‘Three Cheers for Animals'

Photos by Kristin Santangelo
Photos by Kristin Santangelo

Fleetwood Girl Scout Troop 1793 was all about the dogs at their troop meeting. Zoe’s House Rescue, Sinking Spring, came to visit their troop and brought a few four-legged friends with them.

Cheryl Brattley, from Zoe’s House, came to the troop meeting to teach the girls about rescued dogs and dog care. She brought her Registered therapy dog, Argus, who is a yellow lab and one of her foster puppies, Macy, who is a boxer/lab mix. Troop Leader, Kristin Santangelo and her husband, Keith, are active with Zoe’s House Rescue.

The troop was working on their Girl Scout Journey Book, “Three Cheers for Animals”. They wanted to learn about proper pet care, brushing, feeding, watering, trimming nails, brushing teeth and vet care, etc. They learned how often dogs eat, and how much of a responsibility it is to own and properly care for a dog.

The Daisies also learned about dog rescue and that not all dogs have homes, but a rescue will help the dogs out. By rescuing the dogs and placing them into “Foster families,” the dogs soon have a new lease on life. They live with their foster family until they can be placed into their permanent home. Macy is one of 8 puppies that were rescued by Zoe’s House recently. The therapy dog, Argus, was very happy to show them some of his tricks. High five was the girls favorite.