KU President Cevallos named president at Framingham State, Mass.

Dr. F. Javier Cevallos
Dr. F. Javier Cevallos

Kutztown University President F. Javier Cevallos has been named the 16th president at Framingham State University in Massachusetts, effective in July.

“While it is going to be difficult to leave Kutztown, I am excited about the prospect of the position at Framingham,” Cevallos wrote in a letter to the KU campus community after the appointment was announced Jan. 21. “The hardest part of leaving KU will be saying goodbye to the many great people we have encountered over the years. This has been our home, and the place where our children, Alex and Caroline, grew up. Kutztown will always bring back warm and unforgettable memories for all of us.”

The Massachusetts Board of Education voted Jan. 21 confirming Cevallos’ appointment to Framingham.

“We are very happy for Dr. Cevallos, and for Framingham State and the Massachusetts Board of Education for selecting him,” writes Matt Santos, director of Kutztown University Releations. “We are also thankful for all that Dr. Cevallos has done for Kutztown University over the past 11 years. He always kept students and academics at the forefront and played an integral role in the tremendous physical growth and improvements to our campus.”


Dr. Cevallos will remain with KU as president until June, allowing him to remain with KU for the entire spring semester.

“He is committed to making the transition in his office as smooth as possible in the months ahead, and we will certainly wish him all of the best when he heads to Framingham this summer,” said Santos.

The Framingham State Board of Trustees recommended Cevallos as their president in a Jan. 7 vote, concluding a six-month presidential search process.

“I am thrilled with the Board’s approval of the appointment of Javier Cevallos as the next President of Framingham State University,” said Higher Education Commissioner Richard M. Freeland in a Framingham State release. “Dr. Cevallos brings a distinguished scholarly and academic background, a record of achievement in administration, and a familiarity with Massachusetts’ work through the Vision Project to achieve national leadership among state systems of higher education. I look forward to working with him.”

Cevallos writes that he spent almost two decades in Massachusetts prior to KU, and has many friends in the area. “Like KU, Framingham has been devoted to education for a very long time.”

Cevallos has been KU’s president since 2002 and writes in his letter to the campus community that he will personally miss the students.

“I feel very fortunate to have encountered thousands of impressive young women and men over the years, many of whom are now fully engrossed in careers of their own. I am proud to know KU has made a difference in their lives, and I look forward to following their life achievements in the years ahead,” writes Cevallos.

He also writes about being privileged to have worked with a very talented and committed faculty.

“Our professors have been the cornerstone of this institution for nearly a century and a half. Their staunch devotion to our students is clearly evident, and is a large part of what makes KU so special.”

He expressed his appreciation to faculty, staff and administration.

“From the pristine campus grounds to the daily business operational efforts, there are so many individuals working behind the scenes to make KU great. I want to thank them all, and let them know that their efforts do not go unnoticed.”

He also writes about the “many faithful alumni,” ... “who are committed to its continued success. Along with our emeriti, KU alumni have generously supported our fundraising efforts and/or volunteered their time and talents, and I cannot thank them enough for their loyalty.”

He also thanks the Council of Trustees “for their priceless support and guidance.”

“As I reflect back, I am truly honored to have been a part of so many memorable experiences over the last 11 and half years, many of which I will never forget --- the look on the graduates’ faces on those happy commencement days, the feeling of accomplishment when we dedicated new and renovated facilities, the excitement of our football team winning its first-ever PSAC title in 2011, and even the camaraderie we shared during those inevitable tough times,” writes Cevallos.

The process to select his successor is handled by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Cevallos writes that he will assist PASSHE and KU Council of Trustees “to ensure a smooth transition in my office.”

Kenn Marshall, PASSHE Media Relations, told The Patriot that the PASSHE Board of Governors is in the process of revising the presidential search process, which he said will likely be approved at the Board’s next meeting in April.

“There are likely to be some changes to the current process. No new presidential searches will begin until after the new policy is approved, for obvious reasons,” said Marshall. “Presidential searches involve all campus constituencies, including students and faculty, as well as alumni and others involved with the university. That is not likely to change.”

PASSHE also has presidential openings at California and Shippensburg. All of the searches will begin sometime after April.

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