Exeter volleyball coach suspended

A coach in the Exeter Township School District has been suspended for harassing a player who suffers from an anxiety condition.

Shawn Gartner, Boys’ Head Volleyball coach, reportedly bullied a player on the team for the past two seasons. The school’s investigation confirms Gartner was seen mimicking the player behind his back, and singled out the player as the reason for game losses. The district has suspended Gartner for the spring season; an interim volleyball coach will take over for the boys’ team.

As stated in the letter the boy’s parents received in response, the player’s parents filed a complaint with the district on May 9, 2013. According to the letter from Director of Human Resources Elizabeth A. Weber, the district conducted an extensive investigation that surveyed team members and interviewed 50 people.

Superintendent Beverly Martin had “no comment” on the issue since the incident was involving personnel.