Hamburg area college news: Local students graduate, make dean's list and more

Alvernia University

The following local students have been named to Alvernia Universityís Deanís List for the fall 2013 semester:

Leah Baer, of Mohrsville, a Senior Sport Management major and a graduate of Schuylkill Valley High School.

Lauren Behney, of Kempton, a Junior Behavioral Health major and a graduate of Kutztown Area High School.

Robert Block, of Hamburg, a Junior Business Management major.


Jennifer Cerra, of Hamburg, a Sophomore Nursing major.

Shaina Dailey, of Hamburg, a Freshman Psychology major and a graduate of Hamburg Area High School.

Jared Degler, of Hamburg, a Sophomore Athletic Training major and a graduate of Hamburg Area High School.

Mackenzie DelVecchio, of Leesport, a Freshman Sport Management major and a graduate of Kingí Academy.

Rachael Eberhardt, of Hamburg, a Freshman Occupational Therapy major and a graduate of Hamburg Area High School.

Christopher Fritz, of Mohrsville, a Freshman Criminal Justice major and a graduate of Hamburg Area High School.

Lauren Guido, of Leesport, a Senior English Secondary Education major and a graduate of Fleetwood Area High School.

Sandra McEwen, of Mohrsville, a Senior Accounting major and a graduate of Daniel Boone High School.

Aaron Nabozny, of Hamburg, a Freshman Criminal Justice major and a graduate of Hamburg Area High School.

Justin Padinske, of Mohrsville, a Junior General Science major and a graduate of Schuylkill Valley High School.

Rhiannon Trate, of Bernville, a Senior Criminal Justice major and a graduate of Tulpehocken Junior-Senior High School.

William Waltz, of Mohrsville, a Freshman Criminal Justice major and a graduate of Schuylkill Valley High School.

To be eligible for the Deanís List, students must carry a semester GPA of 3.5 or better and take a minimum of 12 credits.

Lenoir-Rhyne University takes great pride in congratulating Zachery Carles, of Leesport, for being named to the Fall 2013 Deanís List.

Students who achieve grade averages of 3.80 and above on the 4.00 scale are named to the Presidentís List. No course carried on a Pass-Fail basis, by examination, correspondence, or exemption will be counted toward the 12 hours required for either the Presidentís Honor List.

Ithaca College congratulates more than 1,400 students who made the Deanís list in the fall 2013 semester.

Jacqueline McDevitt, of Mohrsville, was named to Deanís List for the fall 2013 semester.

Penn State University Deanís List

Stephenee L. Billman, Mohrsville, University Park

Alexander S. Boltz, Bethel, Berks

Nicholas J. Boltz, Bethel, Berks

Edward V. Burns, Mohrsville, Berks

Katie M. Campbell, Leesport, University Park

Tori E. Dietrich, Strausstown, Berks

Elizabeth M. Dinich, Hamburg, Berks

Krista R. Dotterer, Hamburg, University Park

Stephanie M. Douglas, Mohrsville, University Park

Brandon M. Ebeling, Hamburg, University Park

Ralph M. Elia, Leesport, Berks

Jack J. Erickson, Bernville, Berks

Megan E. Fella, Hamburg, University Park

Leah E. Galamba, Mohrsville, University Park

Marshall E. Garrison, Hamburg, Berks

Chelsea H. Geisinger, Centerport, Berks

Ethan M. Gerhard, Hamburg, University Park

Sabrina V. Giorgio, Bethel, Berks

Sarrah E. Gooch, Hamburg, University Park

Leif N. Greiss, Hamburg, Berks

Kevin D. Grim, Hamburg, Harrisburg

Terry L. Hafer, Hamburg, Berks

Kimberly A. Halye, Hamburg, Berks

Jessica M. Hartman, Leesport, Berks

Veronica A. Herman, Leesport, Schuylkill

Jessica A. Hertzog, Hamburg, Schuylkill

Taylor N. Hollenbach, Bethel, Berks

Heather L. Jacoby, Hamburg, Berks

Rebecca D. James, Bernville, Berks

Kayla M. Jardine, Mohrsville, Berks

Kylie A. Johns, Leesport, Berks

Cassie M. Juzefyk, Leesport, University Park

Trevor F. Kanaskie, Kempton, University Park

Morgan M. Kauffman, Leesport, University Park

Sean J. Kelly, Shartlesville, Berks

Elizabeth A. Kemmerer, Mohrsville, Berks

Nichole M. Keppley, Bernville, Berks

Rebecca N. Klopp, Bethel, University Park

Jessica E. Koczot, Mohrsville, Berks

Melissa M. Koczot, Morhsville, University Park

Reed A. Kopp, Bernville, University Park

Ryan C. Kroekel, Leesport, University Park

Jaylene S. Lesher, Bernville, University Park

Erik D. Lewis, Hamburg, Berks

Kristen S. Long, Shoemakersville, Berks

Timothy R. Matz, Bernville, Berks

Marissa N. Mcewen, Mohrsville, University Park

Jason R. Mcewen, Mohrsville, Berks

Ryan A. Mcewen, Mohrsville, University Park

Tiffany A. Miller, Hamburg, Berks

Carver P. Murphy, Bernville, University Park

Mcquillin D. Murphy, Bernville, University Park

Amy A. Neumann, Kempton, University Park

Korey W. Onulack, Hamburg, University Park

Elizabeth A. Palmer, Bernville, University Park

Molly E. Paulson, Bernville, University Park

Samantha J. Paulson, Bernville, Berks

Jacob T. Rausch, Shoemakersville, University Park

Olga V. Reed, Shoemakersville, Schuylkill

Jacob A. Resh, Hamburg, University Park

Kerissa K. Rohrbach, Hamburg, Hazleton

Cameron R. Roth, Hamburg, Berks

Brett M. Rottmann, Mohrsville, Berks

Courtney T. Schlappich, Leesport, University Park

Kelli Schulthess, Bernville, Berks

Talon J. Seitzinger, Shoemakersville, University Park

Lois E. Shornock, Mohrsville, Berks

Steven J. Simpson, Hamburg, Hazleton

Jordan C. Smith, Shoemakersville, Berks

Jennifer N. Smith, Hamburg, Berks

Matthew T. Snyder, Kempton, Berks

Rose M. Sobonilla, Hamburg, Berks

Derek J. Stephan, Bernville, University Park

Andrew W. Strause, Leesport, University Park

Chandra D. Swope, Bernville, University Park

Megan E. Timberman, Lenhartsville, Berks

Seth W. Tyson, Bethel, Berks

Emily R. Urban, Bernville, University Park

Anthony J. Urban, Bernville, Berks

Monica L. Volk, Kempton, Lehigh Valley

Michael T. Wenzel, Mohrsville, Berks

Amanda C. Winkler, Mohrsville, Berks

Lincoln Memorial University

Emily Schell, of Bethel, was named to the Fall 2013 Deanís List at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU). To be placed on the Deanís List, the student must be a full-time undergraduate and have a 3.5 grade point average for the semester. Schell is a veterinary health science major.

Paul Smithís College

Jacob Shultz, of Bernville, has been named to the deanís list at Paul Smithís College for the fall 2013 semester. Shultz, who majors in natural resources management and policy, earned a semester average of 3.3 or higher to receive this distinction. Shultz was also named an Adirondack Scholar, having achieved a cumulative average of at least 3.8.

Delaware Valley College

Dr. Bashar Hanna, Delaware Valley Collegeís vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty, announced the following students have been honored for academic achievement by being named to the fall 2013 Deanís List.

Nicole Dunlap, of Bernville

Brittany Haag, of Mohrsville

Rachael Kirkhoff, of Bernville

Amber Schaeffer, of Bernville

Abigail Yenser, of Bernville

Widener University School of Law Dean Linda L. Ammons today announced the fall 2013 deanís list of students for the Harrisburg campus. Students named to the list earned a grade point average in the top 20 percent of their class and division for the semester while pursuing Juris Doctor degrees.

Jennifer McAteer, of Lenhartsville, was named to the deanís list.

Delaware Valley College

Dr. Bashar Hanna, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty at Delaware Valley College, announced that Jessica Mull, of Leesport, graduated from Delaware Valley Colllege in December 2013, earning an MBA.

Central Penn College

The following student has been named to the Central Penn College Deanís List for the summer 2013 term.

Kimberly Kline, of Bethel, currently majoring in Accounting.

Hofstra University

Jory Heckman, of Shoemakersville, graduated from Hofstra University in December 2013 with a BA in Journalism. Jory was among more than 500 students who earned undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees at Hofstraís mid-year commencement.