Keystone State held its own Olympics

Submitted photo Nathaniel Williams (right), Ellen Lainez (Left), Julia Ulsh (front), and their coach Ray Laub (back)

Berks County had its own athletes represent their skills in the 2014 Keystone State Games held the weekend of Feb. 7-9 at the York City Ice Area. All competitors are members of the Body Zone Figure Skating Club as well as the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA). What a great showing by all the competing members. They proved that Berks has a great set of Athletes in one of the hardest sports to participate in.

All the dedication and hard work to enhance and build superior balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, stamina; as well as having the tenacity and bravery to even execute the required elements this sport demands is impressive. Berks County should not over look the talent in all these competitors and share in the glory they brought to their club as well as their hometown!

List of Competitors and their winnings:

Nadia Bauer 1st

Carlina Christy 2nd


Taylor Christy 5th

Lea Egolf 3rd

Ellen Lainez 3rd

Katie McKelvey 1st & 2nd

Valentine McKinney 4th

Anya Smith 5th

Julia Snader 2nd

Michelle Tasca 1st & 2nd

Julia Ulsh 1st

Nicole Wentzl 5th

Nathaniel Williams 1st