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David Maloney announces re-election bid for state House of Representatives

By From Rep. David Maloney

Saturday, March 1, 2014

State Representative David Maloney (R) announced Friday, Feb. 28, that he will seek re-election to the 130th District of the state House of Representatives that he has held since his election in November of 2010.

“During my first two years, we have made significant progress on addressing the priorities of the people of the 130th District,” said Maloney. “However, the fight for taxpayers continues, and I am committed to remaining active for them as Representative.”

Recognized as a strong fiscal conservative, Maloney has become a leading voice in the state House for property tax elimination. A supporter of House Bill 76 – the Property Tax Independence Act – Maloney voted in favor of its passage during this legislative session.

Maloney is also the author of a Constitutional Amendment that would increase the state’s Homestead Exclusion from 50% to 100%. This constitutional amendment was passed by the House in both the 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 legislative sessions; it awaits action in the state Senate.

“I think my commitment to eliminating school property taxes is clear in both my voting record and the legislation I have authored and passed through the House,” said Maloney. “This is an idea whose time has come and I will continue to work to convince legislators across the state to support it.”

Maloney’s commitment to protecting taxpayers goes well beyond eliminating property taxes. As Representative, he has also supported initiatives that reduced state spending by nearly a billion dollars, reduced the state’s debt ceiling by $2.5 billion, and made it harder for local school districts to raise property taxes.

“The simple fact is that the people of Berks County work hard for their money and as Representative I want to make sure the government isn’t wasting it,” said Maloney. “Being a strong fiscal watchdog has, and will continue to be, one of my top priorities.”

Maloney’s record in the House encompasses issues well beyond fiscal discipline.

“I’m proud that we are making Pennsylvania job-friendly again by supporting small businesses and job creators,” said Maloney. “More than anything, our families need good-paying jobs and I’m fighting everyday to help those who create them.”

Maloney pointed to legislative successes at making Pennsylvania’s business tax structure more competitive in the national marketplace, lawsuit abuse reforms, and regulatory reforms as examples of how the state is more friendly and welcoming to job creators than when he took office.

Unusual for many newer legislators, Maloney has also been successful at passing legislation he authored into law. His House Bill 1325, which helps protect the private property rights of landowners, was signed into law by the Governor in July of 2013.

Maloney has also supported efforts to ensure adequate funding for schools in the wake of the loss of billions of dollars in temporary federal stimulus funding that many school districts across the state unfortunately treated as permanent.

“Today, we invest more state tax dollars in basic education than ever before while also demanding more accountability and transparency,” said Maloney. “A quality education system is an integral part of a strong community, as well as the key to preparing our kids to succeed in the real world.”

As Representative, Maloney has also taken a leadership role in the effort to protect Pennsylvania’s children. He is the author of House Bill 2063 that will keep sex offenders out or schools by requiring school entities (public or private) to conduct thorough employment history checks of job applicants, as well as provide comprehensive responses to background inquiries from another school entity. The House is expected to act on this bill early this spring.

“There is a hole in state law that lets a school employee who abuses a student or engages in sexual misconduct to quietly resign and move on to another school where the abuse may continue,” said Maloney. “My bill would close that hole and put the safety of our children first again.”

Maloney also authored House Bill 434 that requires all school employees to report any suspected incidents of child abuse or sexual abuse. HB434 has passed the House and awaits consideration by the state Senate.

Dedicated to reforming government and increasing transparency, Maloney personally refuses the taxpayer-paid per diems and voted to create PennWatch and SchoolWatch, websites that provide citizens the ability to see where and how their tax and school tax dollars are being spent.

He also supports public pension reform that would end the current defined benefit pension system and change to a defined contribution system similar to private 401(k) programs for new hires, as well as offer incentives for those currently in the defined benefit system to switch over to the new system.

“The current public pension system threatens the fiscal future of our state and our local school districts,” said Maloney. “I support initiatives that will protect the benefits of current enrollees, gives new hires greater control over their retirement funds, and is fair to taxpayers.”

A graduate of Boyertown High School, Representative Maloney spent more than two decades in the private sector as a small business owner. He formerly served as a member of the Oley Valley School Board and is active in many non-profit and community groups. Maloney is a PIAA official and has worked with athletes and parents across Berks County. He and his wife, Debby, live in Pike Township and have four children. He is an avid outdoorsman and fitness enthusiast.