Berks-Mont Business Association presents donations to area non-profits

Representatives from active Berks-Mont Business Association Non-Profits (501c3) receive the proceeds of the annual BMBA charity auction. BMBA President Carl Harner is presenting the proceeds of the auction.
The Berks-Mont Business Association President Carl Harner is presenting the check. Accepting on behalf of the United Way is Margaret Harner.

The Berks-Mont Business Association recently presented donations to two Boyertown area non-profit organizations. The association held its Inaugural Casino Night in the fall of 2013. Proceeds of that event were designated to the United Way of Boyertown. The 2014 Casino Night is planned for the Fall. BMBA President Carl Harner is presented the check to Margaret Harner on behalf of the United Way,

Aso, the Berks-Mont Business Association conducts the holiday charity auction at their December meeting; 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to active BMBA Non-Profits. BMBA President Carl Harner presented the proceeds of the auction to representations of the local non profits.