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Pop's Malte Shoppe, Kutztown, opens for spring, reveals renovations

By Lisa Mitchell, The Kutztown Area Patriot

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Popís Malt Shoppe in Kutztown opened for the season on the second day of spring, revealing renovations.

On March 21, owner Joel Seidel, said, ďThis is our opening day, first day of our season for spring and these are our first customers.Ē

ďI had this day circled on my calendar. Iíve been waiting for this all year,Ē said Kutztown University junior Jenna Stum, pointing to her ice cream cone.

ďIíve been following it on Facebook and couldnít wait for the opening day for the great food,Ē said Kutztown University freshman Kayla Fusselman, of Kempton.

ďAnd the people here are awesome and the food is great. Come on out and have fun,Ē said Fusselmanís mom Diane.

Talking about the renovation, Seidel said, ďEverything in here is new, except a couple of booths. Before we had a couple of tables in here. The counter is new. All of the decor is new. It just gives it a very 50s feel. I absolutely love it.Ē

This is Popís 10th anniversary. In a couple of weeks, a big celebration is in the works, including some 50s music and inexpensive special.