Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance holds t-shirt fundraiser, saves lives in the process

Submitted photo
Submitted photo

Want to look cool and save a life at the same time?

All you have to do is invest in a t-shirt from the Boyertown Venture Crew Post 525 of the Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance Service. The colorful shirts, which are imprinted with instructions for performing the relatively new “hands-only” CPR technique, are being offered by the Venture Crew, also known as the Explorers, as part of a fund-raising drive.

“What’s unique about the shirt,” stated Christopher Stevens, deputy chief of the squad and advisor to the Venture Post, “is the visual instructions are upside down on the front of the shirt. The person wearing it can look down to read the instructions if encountering someone in need of CPR.”

The Venture Post, formed in 1992, is an extension of the Boy Scouts of America. Members, who range in age from 14 to 21, are interested in the medical field. Every two weeks, the group meets for a two-hour session at the ambulance station on East 2nd Street to learn the basics of emergency medical care services.


In the past, the Post has raised funds by sponsoring car washes. During a casual conversation one day, explained Stevens, a member suggested that the T-shirt promotion would serve a dual purpose: it’s a way to raise funds for the Post, but it’s also an “attention grabber” that helps spread awareness of hands-only CPR,

Money raised from the T-shirt sale will be used to purchase winter-style pullover sweatshirts, imprinted with the Post’s name and logo, for the group’s 20 members “It’s a way to give Post members their own identity,” Stevens pointed out.

The shirts come in two color combinations: safety green with black print and royal blue with white print. They are available in small through extra-large. To order and to find out more information, call Christopher Stevens at 610-367-2330 ext. 4. Payment must be received by March 31st to be included in the first order.