Beef and Beer kicked off 2014 Dollars for Dogs Golf Tournament

Photos courtesy of Janet M. Jones Photography Wendy Sherid with puppies, Heath, Spring, August and Scotty, and her working dog, Feather.
SED Puppies,Spring, Heath, August and Scotty. With Wendy Sherid and her working dog, Feather, and Ernie, from Spring Hollow.

The 2014 Dollars for Dogs Golf Tournament kicked off their fundraising with a beef and beer on April 4th at the Spring Hollow Golf Club in Spring City.

Wendy Sherid, event chairman of the Dollars For Dogs event was pleased to announce that 139 people attended to help raise money for The Seeing Eye. Wendy and her faithful guide dog, Feather, encouraged attendees to help socialize the 14 puppies that were also in attendance with their handlers, including the four puppies named after the first two golf tournaments: August, Spring, Heath and Scotty.

All puppies in attendance ranged in age from 2 months to 14 months old. These puppies laid quietly under the tables while attendees had their meal. Guests socialized with the handlers who were more than happy to share their love of puppy raising and encouraged guests to hold the puppies and pet them. Soon, these puppies will return to The Seeing Eye to be formally trained as guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired. If you would like to be a part of the Dollars for Dogs Golf Tournament at Spring Hollow Golf Club, mark your calendars for August 16.

For advanced information on the tournament, please contact Wendy Sherid at All proceeds benefit The Seeing Eye.