Boyertown Farmers Market to retire until further notice

Changes are soon coming to the Boyertown Farmers Market. It was recently decided that the summer market will be temporarily discontinued.

The market- which has been open since 2007- will be retired for the time being due to a lack of support from vendors and a currently-compromised overall structure within its committee. This will take place after its remaining two winter markets on May 3 and May 17.

“A major part of the issue is that we have no structure for the summer market right now,” said market affiliate, Adrianne Blank. “We’d love to keep having it, but we have been without a chair person for the last two years.”

According to Blank, the market’s past success and popularity has since been weakened due to the gradual loss of chair members and major vendors.


“When [the market] first came seven years ago, we noticed that it was really successful. Those chairs have since resigned. They needed a break from it all. Then we started to lose vendors. They would come and immediately move on to bigger markets where they could find more success. We just couldn’t take [the market] to the next level and it really lost its balance.”

Blank explained that a new committee would allow the market to grow and be much more organized in its weekly planning phase. Additionally, community support would also be a crucial factor in this process.

“The market needs a new face, but we just haven’t had the structure to do so. We could really turn things into a community-driven event.”

The re-opening of the market would ultimately depend on a board decision, but Blank expressed hope for its eventual return.

“I think [the market] is something that the community could support if it were to be revitalized,” said Blank. “It is something that I think can be brought back in time.”